Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Berry nice day

A bird in the bush--after I picked--means 2 whole cups of blueberries in the freezer for me.  Yum, had about a half cup of my cereal.  Saw a place in LA yesterday where we could have stopped to pick berries--hot, hot, and hot are the thoughts that came to mind--it was around noon.  Picked mine in the coolness of the morning with drips of rain still falling off the trees.  Also free.

Duke boy bought me 2 new sprinklers while out doing guy things with the LA Boys.  Eating big breakfasts, shopping in guy junque stores, and watering gardens.  Tried out my new sprinkler last night after Rock Man helped me get the nozzle of the hose.  He babysat BW while we were gone.  She got to sleep on a pile of clean clothes = happy. 

Time to go back to the work-a-day world.  Peace to all.

"God-defiers are always in trouble;
    God-affirmers find themselves loved
     every time they turn around."   Psalm 32: 10  The Message

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Nigeria has joined as the 15th country to click on my page.  Very exciting as I sit in LA viewing the stats. 

Good visits with my LA relatives.  Rainbows, ribs (only 1.5 still being as vegan as possible), enjoying rain while covered on the porch. 

Time to hit the road and get ready to work again on tomorrow.  This week we slide into June.  Gotta get home to my garden and see if it got some of God's water. 

Peaceful Tuesday to all.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Peaceful Day

Beautiful flags yesterday on a corner in Troy.  Remembering those who've lost family to war.

Visiting with family, mosquitoes, and gnats in LA. 

Peace to all on this Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

War Eagle wedding and the EB wedding

Dancing, kissing, delicious food, old friends, orange and blue.  OK, not everything is always perfect.  We did have a super time being part of the War Eagle wedding experience.  Duke Boy--AKA Bama Boy behaved himself except for his sox.

 Katie reminded me of me on my wedding day.  Duke Boy and I wrote our vows on July 4, 1981 at Lanett UMC. I was lying on the floor grieving over the fact that I wasn't a good writer and on our wedding day, December 20,1981, I could only sputter the words out between tears.  Poor Katie had the same rough time but she pushed through.  Donnie didn't make her say the words about Slade's rings. I promise that you are just as married.  On our day our minister and good friend, Jack Shelton, totally forgot to mention the rings--he told us later that he figured we were the just going to stop by Lorch's( a popular jewelry store) and pick up a set afterwards.  Little did he know we'd already shopped at Service Merchandise.

My computer has gone nuts with all this Auburn stuff.  Can't make it quite showing this pix.!!
Back to the War Eagle wedding.  It was a totally beautiful day for a very deserving sweet couple.  We wish them all the happiness in the world.  Check your wedding sign in book for my "ROOOLLLL  TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

End of a great nite.  Me and Bama Boy

Tell us how you really feel Bama Boy

Gorgeous cake

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Auburn wedding rehearsal and Barney Fife

TaDa---post #100--welcome Tunisia and South Africa,that makes 14 countries.  Treated to a fun evening with the happy couple, Katie & Slade, winners of the War Eagle Wedding.  I'm the official driver for the preacher, Duke Boy, who is AKA Bama Boy.  He's known this couple and several of their attendants since 6th grade. Bama Boy wore his Bama class ring and threatened to not sign the marriage license until they kissed it.   The wedding is today and hopefully the weather will be as lovely as last evening.  We were sheltered from the sunset by Samford Hall so I was pleasantly cool while the wedding party frolicked on the lawn practicing for the big event. 

I did sin by longing for, can't spell the other word, (had an Annie Sullivan moment where I became frustrated by needing how to know how to spell the word before you can look it up) the hydrangeas on our walk to the wedding site.  I will have to ask Mr. Frankie, the groom's Dad, and Ponder's Nursery owner, what kind they are.

  Both of these families are so lovely that it was a real pleasure to be part of their evening. During my denial of the aging process I was in the Young Adult Sunday School class where the Bride's dad was my teacher .  We reminisced over the lessons: Springwood School, all Auburn sports, and Jesus--oh and Barney Fife--"You can never say enough about sin." 

My own garden is quite lovely this morning.  Watering, picking blueberries, dead heading day lilies and gardenias, and eating breakfast on the patio made for a relaxing way to start this long Saturday.

Peace to you all.  Congratulations to all.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hair, eyes, and life on the Hooch

Twelve countries, welcome India and Germany, and over 2000 hits on my page.  Today is post #99.  Someone asked me recently what was the purpose of blogging?  It began as a means to reach a different audience for my office at the Pastoral Institute.  I'm not sure what it's become?  Another friend who is a blogger said it's addictive.  Maybe so?  I do look forward to sitting down and seeing what comes out of my fingers.  I look forward to seeing comments, # of hits, and the audience--what countries are clicking on the page.  Thanks for your support of my randomness.

On to the day in the garden.  Another morning up before daylight so I can be earlier than the birds getting my blueberries. I make coffee first, wash dishes in sink, put clothes in washer, and finally there's enough light to tell if the berries are ripe.  Stop to admire Paris-- first "oh my goodness" moment for the morning--I know there will be more.  Next OMGoodness was a half cup of berries for my cereal. 

Today is the rehearsal for the Auburn wedding of Katie and Slade. Duke Boy will be on his best behavior as he goes to mingle with those on The Plains.  His heart pumps Crimson Tide.

Going to accomplish a few outdoor tasks in the garden before my hair appointment.  First,the spider that is trying to take over the front door.  I have knocked Madame in your Hairy down twice and she is back again like a hair in a biscuit.  Lots of hair reference must be foreshadowing re: my Hair appt.  Second lily deadhead and third..weed the front garden bed.  Or perhaps "Not" to all of that.  There may be a "BUT First" I encounter along the way. 

Duke Boy just grabbed my coffee cup for a refill.  Bless him.  Last night I came home to him trying to remove a contact from his eye.  Looked like he'd done a round with Sugar Ray.  This is his second attempt to not wear glasses "for the rest of his life".  I've worn contacts since I was 15--I'm in my 40s --ok or late 50s?? now.  I still remember my first day weeping in the eye doctor's office because I had hard contacts stabbing into my eyes.  Fast forward to Duke Boy with me trying to help him remove a contact or perhaps just the iris since it was difficult to tell if there really was anything in there??  It isn't natural to look straight ahead, eye open with a finger coming toward it--just ask Duke Boy.  Could be an eye doctor trip today...

Life is so rich it doesn't have to be made up.  Peaceful Friday.

Duke Boy with BW

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cereal moments

A dream of mine that has reached fruition--sounds like a cereal ingredient--is a "cutting garden". It is still very difficult to cut any flower in my yard since I know most of their names.

  This morning I'm thinking of my niece as I fill my house with the scent of gardenias. I neglected to trim those bushes last year and probably the year before --and this year oh golly gee-they are pulling to the ground with blooms.

Speaking of cereal--I gathered enough blueberries before the blue jays got them --to cover the top of my cereal.  Oh my goodness. 

Thanks to all of you who helped make our fund raiser a success yesterday.

Don't be a potty pooper when the potty comes to your yard for "Relay for Life".  Remember someone you love and support the research to end the awfulness of the disease.  I sent mine on to a great friend.  Enjoy!

                                                     Peaceful Wednesday from the Hooch

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Preparing for my day by practicing gratitude.  Check out for the research on that.  Hoping my brain is lit for the day since we have a fundraiser to complete at the Valley PI today. 

Take care as you go about your day since the weather is a little iffy here--not sure about the weather in Australia??  My plants are trembling with excitement over real God water not saucepan drinks today.

Peace to all.

St. Francis and Katrina's hydrangea corner

Water aerobics--gardening

Watering my garden today was an aerobic activity.  If you don't believe me try watering yours with a saucepan.  My hose pipe was previously engaged so I improvised.  Not only was it a workout--it got me up close and personal with all my flowers. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Newness every morning

Got pooped on last night with the "Relay for Life" purple potty in my front yard.  Clever idea being implemented by the Hedgies and friends.  Contact them to fix up your neighbors. :) 

Am amazing morning in the garden with a cup of coffee and Duke Boy.  We do our stroll about three times a week where we stop and comment on the various plants and decide where we need to move it next so that perhaps they will survive.  I know I  can't stop talking about the day's just their year. 

Blueberries from the back garden on my cereal today. Blueberries also in the stomachs of baby robins too; judging from the parents flying out of my bushes while I was enjoying my coffee. 

Peaceful lovely Sunday to all.  Come to church at Shawmut UMC for a wonderful sermon.  I will be in the nursery so bring me a baby to hold. 

Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.  They are new every morning.
         Lamentations 3:22-23

and the people said "amen".

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What a hoot!

Bizzillion things are calling for my attention today.  Time to pick one and go with it. 

Lovely evening on patio last night with Duke boy. An owl entertained us and scared DB a little--"The Birds" ended his love affair with winged creatures. 

Have a wonderful Saturday.

Peace from the Hooch.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Spring loveliness

Bridal steps to the river

Arriving home last night my front garden was just excited to me.  Duke Boy's gorgeous hybrid day lilies amaze us daily with their unique colors and shapes.  A clump of yellow ones with the evening light coming through their petals really caught my eye as I walked to my door. 
"The splendor of the rose and the whiteness of the lily do not rob the little violet of its scent nor the daisy of its simple charm.  If every tiny flower wanted to be a rose, spring would lose its loveliness."
                                                  Therese of Lisieux

My daises are about to burst forth in the house garden.  Therese is right they have simple charm that distinguishes them from the elegant lilies.  Time to give all of them a drink. My hoses have been used to define a natural area on my front lawn--hmm--hoping the grass is dead under them after a week.  If I leave them there my garden is going to look naturally dead. 

Peace to all this gorgeous spring day.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Look for the puddles

Reminded again by Madeleine L'Engle that "Peter could walk on water... until he remembered that humans had forgotten how to".  It's in our  God made nature to be healers, comforters, acceptors of answers that we'd not considered part of our plans.  I pray you will seek moments to walk on water today to strength your divine nature. 

Fortunate to have garden walking moments already this morning in preparation for water walking.  Blue, pink and lavender hydrangeas that only a loving God can create.  Another miracle is a peony sprouting in the front garden.  (We are not good with those.) Pray that the grasshoppers don't find its' tender leaves tasty.  Still no handsome prince candidates in the yard to protect the garden from those creatures. 

Peace to all on this beautiful May day.  Look for the puddles as you go out into the world today.  Don't miss an opportunity.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wearing purple

Top a the morning to you.  Ireland has clicked on, as has Canada.  9 countries--how fun is that. 

Yesterday got to read the "Warning" poem to 11 Red Hat Ladies.  "When I am an old woman I shall wear purple."  I was a really young girl when I started wearing purple.   Grandmother sewed for my sister and me--matching dresses--I think that's why I started plumping up as a child so I wouldn't have to wear hand-me-downs that were identical to my can't-squeeze-me-ins.

Felt like Martha's staff this morning dead heading day lilies.  Not sure if you have to but it sure makes them look prettier.  Ours are showing off their tall orange faces in the front garden.  They had led a sheltered, sunless life in the back garden so now they are free to stand tall and bloom. 

Time to start the day and the trek to Columbus.  Peace to all this wonderful Wednesday. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Take time--smell the flowers

Yummy food prepared by Hedgie Boy yesterday.  He also did the lovely table setting.  Fun to visit and be waited on in their lovely, and always interesting home.  Lucy got to put her feet up with me while Hedgie Boy got lunch ready. 

Awaken to birds singing and the end of "Desperate Housewives"  not really--what was in that box???

Duke boy and I made cookie dough for 500 cookies for our Chick-fil-a fundraiser next week.  Hope to make the other half when we get a report on how many sandwiches are sold--goal is 1000.
  Also helped just a tiny bit make the gazpacho for lunch and laugh on Tuesday.  There is a reason that people buy those herbs in jars--what a pain. delicious--sampled at 10 PM. 

BW is curled under her blankie anticipating rough weather.  Hope the worst of it is gone.  Did appreciate all the rain for my flowers.  God's water is so much more nourishing than from the hose--probably a message in that??

Super Monday to you all.  Take time to smell the flowers--I'm headed there now.  My gardenia bush has hit the runway.

Peaceful Monday. 
                                                The Red Garden Tub in the House Garden

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day in the garden

Lovely relaxing pre-Mother's Day.  Piddled in my garden yesterday for awhile.  Discovered the secret to good dirt.  Planted pass along plants and moved stuff around.  OK, I did buy 2 Calediums Friday night.  Every now and then you have to have a pretty annual.

God's water has saved me again--don't have to break out the hose. It's occupied anyway surrounding part of the front lawn which shall become a natural area.  No more watching Duke Boy dodge all those tiny trees while mowing. 

Today I'm treated to a lunch prepared by my the Hedgies.  Looking forward to a lovely meal from another great cook.

                                                        My Hedgie girl cook for the day.
Correction to the statement. Hedgie Boy was my cook today.  He did all Vegan just for me. 
Very yummy.  He is a sweetie. 

                      Hug, call ,or remember your Mom.   Peace.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Birthing memories

Just turned off the noise in the house so I can hear what my birds are saying about Friday.  The chat must be out there hiding since one of my feathered friends is fussing quite loudly.  Must be time to get the kids out of the nest before Mother's Day.  Mom may need some R&R after all those flights to fill up those big bellys. has a Mom's project going for Mother's Day.  She has a beautiful website with links to some great missions.  I'm supposed to attach her button to this site.  I totally don't know how to do that so this is my effort to get the word out.

I asked my Mom on a recent visit about why she had me via C-section in the wee hours of the morning??  I discoved this tidbit while looking at my birth certificate.  She has no idea because she had no memory of my birth.  I was treated to stories about both of my older siblings births--oh well, this is what happens when you are the third and now middle since I have a little sister too.  Hard to imagine that ole Dr. Parsons who birthed my Mom, and then me would schedule a middle of the night delivery. Maybe he was really into golf by then and saved day times for his own pleasure??  He's no longer around to answer that question for me either.   Oh well, thanks Mom for bringing me into this wonderful life.   Hope Mother's Day is beautiful. 

              My side of the family at my baby's wedding--she is the gorgeous one in the white. 
                                                       My Mom is 5th from the right. 
                                The wedding was on the Hooch in our river garden. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Maman je t'aime

Bonjour to my reader from France.  I know a few other words but I'm sorry to say my days in Mademoiselle Howell's class weren't some of my best moments.  It's not very difficult to change an "F" into a "B" on a report card.  I only did this in my memory box.  I suffered the consequences that semester.  I did make Bs after that... for real. Ms. Watson, my second grade ?? teacher was the one who gave me my best memories of French--we just did some small conversations and since she was so lovable I learned more.   Please don't ask me to conjugate any verbs--torture.  Dear reader, I plan to visit Paris one day--bucket list.

Paris, a hydrangea, lives in a pot in my garden.  She is showing off right now.  All pink and beautiful.  I babied her last year, much like the rose in The Little Prince, French novel.  Wish I had a croissant for breakfast to go with all this Frenchness.  I shall manger (eat) oatmeal with blueberries in a moment.

Raised the window so I could hear my feathered friends and clap my hands a the chat (cat) . All hydrangeas are stunningly happy and well watered this morning.  Time to walk out and say "hello".

Remember your (I Love you mom ) Maman je t'aime this week.  We are trained by Hallmark and the Postal Service to do that this Sunday. Mine has a lovely pot of flowers assembled on my recent visit.  All purples and yellows. 

Peaceful Thursday to all.  I shall now tour the garden.

                                                       Paris wanted to say "Bonjour".

All God's creatures

Ms. Sunny has a Prince Charming at her house that she's offering up as a grasshopper eater in my garden.  You are so kind but what about those  delicious mosquitoes on your deck?  A turtle looking at me with envy as I drove by him on the road.  He knew about my garden and all the good eats too. 

All this rain makes for a gorgeous view out the kitchen window. 

Peace and lots of hoppiness from all the garden creatures. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Showers are blessings

No toads yet but God is spraying the grasshoppers off my plants right now.  Thanks!  Rain is gently tapping on the ground outside my window.  Birds are singing quietly--perhaps in the shower??--:)
Plants are smiling.  They don't have to depend on me to rush by them with the hose. 

BW is still buried under her blankie evading the thunder and lighting that passed over the garden earlier. 

Pine straw ONLY covers the squirrels' iris playground. Tomato plant in the pot for Mother's Day gift.    Sunday night garden adventures.

Time to greet Tuesday.  Peace to all.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Bring on the Toads!

May God give you eyes to see beauty only the heart can understand. 

Prayers for all those facing health crises today. 

It's Monday and time to get the work-a-day groove on.  Slow me down Lord, so I can be fully present for each one I meet today.  I shall walk in my garden and gaze at each plant individually knowing without each one I would have a less lovely in my garden.

Toads--we need some toads at Chatt-a-while Gardens.  I can not longer stomp all these black and red grasshoppers.  They are eating up my leafy friends.

Peace and bring on the toads.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Twilight Zones

Since today is full of Sunday and the Lord's work I decided to post the following.  If you've already read this article don't miss the comments below it from an old friend.

Twilight Zones 
 ( this is a copy of my article that appeared in the Valley Times-News on May 4,2012)
I am merrily tripping my way—not literally—no broken bones—into May.  Spring is all over my garden and I’m loving it.  Duke boy and I have lived in this home for nearly twelve years —record for this UMC preacher’s family.  My gardening friends tell me that plants have a cycle: sleep, creep, and leap.  This means that many plants, about a fourth of mine, have leaped into the Twilight Zone or wherever leaped out of your sight plants go.  The good news is that the rest are really showing off.  Duke boy has an Oak leaf hydrangea that has finally taken over a back corner of our garden.  It’s a transplant from my brother-in-law’s mother’s house.  Our knockout roses in the front garden are from my mother’s house and doing their part to be showy.  Ferns, also Duke Boy’s, from every garden where he is allowed to dig; grace the spots and pots under our tall oaks.  Blueberry bushes, domestic hydrangeas, and my hostas that I baby, add to the mix of May marvelousness in our garden.  I almost forgot the wide expanse of daylilies not just the normal ones but some unusual hybrids from a friend’s garden that grace our presence. 
I really tried to NOT BUY ANY NEW PLANTS this year.  I failed.  I bought two small ones for the front porch while I was buying some to pot for my Mom for Mother’s Day.  Ok, I bought 3 tomato plants, romaine, and spinach…a few other seeds.  Duke Boy has helped me move plants to fill in holes where the Twilight Zone moments occurred.  The squirrels have loved the new playground of iris that I installed under the tallest oak in my yard.  We play this game—I plant them—shallowly of course, since they are iris—they dig them up so I can replant them the next day—I know, pine straw with barbed wire under it will do the trick—just kidding all you squirrel lovers—if you love them bring over a cage—got a whole herd for the taking---anyway.  That part of the garden is in constant flux.  If my memory were better I would know that squirrels love to destroy what I try to plant in that spot---the agony is that spot is the first place I see when I look out my kitchen window.  Squirrels have a hard time sharing the glory. 
This is a comment from a friend of nearly 30 years after reading the article. She is just a hoot and I have to share it:

Darling KEB: Love to hear you’re a gardener.  I am a wantabe.  Most reputable greenhouses have my picture next to the cash register with a big circle around it and a line across  it  like a no smoking sign.  They just refuse to sell me beautiful young plants because the word is out that I kill them.  I think there is a list that goes out to businesses like the sex offender list… IS THIS WOMAN YOUR NEIGHBOR? DON’T LET YOUR BULBS OR PLANTS GO HOME WITH HER! SHE IS A SERIAL PLANT KILLER!!!  I really don’t understand it.  My plant linage is pristine. My grandmother was a pincher.  She pinched small stems off plants everywhere – including national forest and botanical gardens oblivious to large signs posted to notify of the federal crime to pick the flowers. “I am not picking the flowers, I would never deprive anyone else of being able to see this beauty.  I am just pinching off a small leaf or stem”. At which point she put in her pocket or hankie to be  transferred – sometimes days later – all crumpled and dry to  a pint milk bottle full of water and it rooted, grew, bloomed and flourished. Rhododendrons flourish in the Ensley Highlands today because Memama went to the Smoky Mountains in the 50’s. My dad, brother and son all inherited the plant gene. They could/can make it happen. Mother still has the descendent of a philodendron I received when Christie was born at least ah …30 years ago.  She keeps trying to get her to take some home with her. We tell her it would be more humane to just run it thru the compost chipper than to make it die the slow horrible death of going home with Christie.  I am beginning to think that Christie and I must be adopted. Memama said we just over loved them.  So since neither Christie nor I  work well with moderation, we have beautiful silk arrangements that don’t need anything but admiration.   Marcia H.

The Brown life

Stopped for big easy Mother's Day gift--hanging baskets for Ms. L.  Rolled down the window to look at the beauty.  All "I really want is>>a tomato plant."  OK. Can do.  Joe says they have a 2 kinds...??and a "Better Boy".  The Pearly Gate man had always raised Better Boys because you get two crops.  She has been a Brown now for 60 years today--no anniversary since her man is inside the Pearly Gates.  Got to hear the story of their courtship at lunch yesterday.  Saw the motel where they honeymooned.  It's vine covered but still standing.  Lots of good years between those two folks--two kids--two more that she claims, 3 grands, 5 greats---one is inside Pearly Gates with the PGMan and another on the way to be with us..   I'm in the Browns for 30 plus years.  I hope to be as proud to tell it as she is when I reach my 60 years as one.

Peace and double crops to all this humid, beautiful Saturday.

Friday, May 4, 2012

A well-watered garden

Australia and South Korea have now clicked on.  Post #80 with 1595 hits.  Y'all just amaze me.

 Today , I could have slept late. Guess this Paris time is rough on my sleep cycle.

 Being able to listen to my birds sing up the sun is pretty amazing. 4 or 5 different songs going on out there.  Hope they are all high above the cat that lurks in my garden--lurking and garden are not words  you want to see in the same sentence--he/she can lurk on my snakes but not on my birds.  He/she, whence forth to be called: Lurky--has a few more moment of lurkdom--come daylight I shall step on the back porch, do my best "get out of my yard" Tarzan yell, and banish Lurky for the day.  He will have to wait for the nighttime to get his snake groove on.  These are the lies we tell ourselves about the tranquility of our garden while we are away at work. 

Joy, thanks for the rain, God.  My prayer is that you will allow him to satisfy your needs today.

The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs...You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.
      Isaiah 58:11 NIV

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Be still

Feeling like Rip Van Winkle--went to bed on Monday and woke up--it's Thursday.  How did life get so busy.  Has it always been this way and I was too busy to notice?? 

"Be Still and Know that I Am God."  Psalm 46.10
This is a tall order but necessary for me. I shall be present when I go to my paying job. It helps if I start the day in my garden.

Hydrangeas--I have a lovely pink bloom on the one closest to my kitchen window.

Duke boy's oak leaf hydrangea is blooming it's head off in the back corner.  Thanks Jen--via Katrina's yard.  The legacy lives on.  The lily from her yard is standing tall scoping out a time to set its' bloom.

Two baby tomatoes are getting some red...yummy times coming.

If I learn to fly I may get some blueberries--they are going fast already and aren't  even ripe--I know about nets--just don't do them --YET!

Some yet unidentified seedlings coming up in a pot???

This is my stillness with God.  This centers me for the day.  Clients keep your appointments.  Don't be scared. 

                                        "Be Still and Know that I Am God."  Psalm 46.10

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cold night of sleep

Very affirming yesterday to have 120 people come to Business by the Book at WPUMC where I was the speaker.  The free meal was a big draw so I'm thinking maybe half came to hear me. Thanks to all who did--even those of you just there for the lunch. :)

Unbelievable to me that it's Wednesday again.

 Slept in an air conditioned room last night--just too hot. Felt good to hunkered down under the wedding ring quilt.  Crazy.

Time to get out and water and speak to my flowers.
 The red bird tub was tipped with a "present" in it when I got home last night.  Not sure if it was a statement or just what relaxed birds do.

Peace from the Valley.

I am glad that in the springtime of life there were those who planted flowers of love in my heart.
  Robert Louis Stevenson

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Make a cheerful face

Time to walk in the garden.  Tension filled time in the house trying to get my printer to print out a talk I have to give today.  Finally...done. 

"A glad heart makes a cheerful face.." Proverbs 13:15

Have a glad heart today as you go into the world this first day of May.