Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tired but happy

My rumpus is tired from the rumpus.  I just unpacked my most favortist--I know that's not a word, but it matches my feeling the bestest--box of Santas. A box that held the little guy that started all this madness.  My parents gave him to me when I was little--he is a bank--they were probably trying to also encourage a habit of saving $. Unfortunately, that part of the message didn't take hold.  Santamania did. 

Unfortunately, I just noticed there is a box of my favortist Christmas teapots missing.  Hmmm???Garage??  Please say it ain't so. 

Guess the rumpus is on-going.  Decorating tip of the day--"never underestimate the power of a string of white lights."  I'll be passing the hat for my power bill later. 

I am happy to report that at the table where we eat there are 3 out of 4 places where one could sit and enjoy a meal.  There are two spots in the livingroom for tired rumpusses or rumpi(??? ) and several spots in the den.  I did not fill Duke Boy's chair or block the view of the TV.  

Time to get ready for work so I can get some relief. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Wild Rumpus time

 "Hand me the spray paint and super glue so the wild rumpus can begin."
                                                         Karen EB

Do you ever say you'll do something without looking at your calendar?  Perhaps it's a commitment that's a year in the making, and you know it won't be a problem.  You have a chef and he'll cook anything if you tell him a year in advance! You have a house and you have more Christmas decorations than the windows at Macy's.  It's a year away.  It's only for a few friends in your circle from church.  It's a breakfast.  This isn't hard.  Yes, please come to my house next Christmas. 

It doesn't matter that you've just had a big breakfast with a hostess who has more Christmas decorations than Macy's, Tiffany's, and Target--OK--I couldn't think of another place.  You have just eaten at a huge table with fine china, embroidered cloth napkins, two or three kinds of crystal, and an array of eating utensils.  It might have been her silver but since I don't own silver, I didn't recognize it.  It was more elaborate than any breakfast meal I'd ever eaten and more delicious.  We had played Dirty Santa, I was happy with my gift, and I needed a nap.  Of course, I want you all to come to my house NEXT year. 

Then November 1st was on a Thursday.  Do you know what happens when November 1st is on a Thursday?   Thanksgiving which is always the 4th Thursday since Tom Turkey was a little gobbler--is on November 22nd. Throw in the Alabama/Auburn game on  November 24th in Tuscaloosa --can you say time crunch?

December 1st, the date of my breakfast which was year away last December is the first Saturday in December.  Rumpus time---my house is in disarray again.  I only have 10 plastic tubs with Santas and Baby Jesus boys to unpack--I've already unpacked about twice that number.  I have even decorated two trees. 
OK, they are only three feet high and sitting on chests but that's big--I don't do trees--not for the last six years.  Another story for another day.

I am glad to report that the bout with polio that I'd thought I was coming down with was only leg pain from carrying plastic tubs of Christmas stuff up from the basement.  I confess..Duke Boy did help. 

It's almost time to head to the rumpus .  Spray paint and super glue are good items to keep in stock if you are planning on having one.  Items glued thus far--Santa's hand holding a bird house, wise men back on Nativity from the Holy Land via China, attempt at staff of Joseph from Ecuador --he really needs both hands free to give Mary some relief.  I probably need to stop at the Big W and stock up for the rumpus.

Peace on earth, in the Valley, and in my home on the Hooch soon.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

News from the Prettiest

My new stadium seats need footwarmers.  Don't get me wrong, I was really glad my rear wasn't on the concrete bleachers last night.  However, my feet were freezing. Needed boots.  I had a blankie--oh well, Lanett lost last night so I won't have to worry about freezing again for awhile. 

Today the view is fabulours from my window seat.  My sitting room is complete now.  Ok--still needs pictures.  Rats.. I forgot to get those nails for plaster walls--if you haven't tried them you should.  Otherwise you have to pretend your livingroom  wall was fired on the day the Fort Tyler battle was fought just across the Hooch.  People who don't know much about history or time in general will believe those stories if told with a straight face.  The battle scar was lost last year when I had my livingroom wall professionally repaired. 

Peace to all on this glorious day. 

Let love be your greatest aim.  I Corinthians 14:1

 Prettiest at the Halloween mask contest at the Pastoral Institute.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Tree top awesomeness

Enjoying my treetop view of the river from my newly painted,
 not quite straight dressing-writing-thinking-praying-reading-coffee drinking room.
The oak trees are gorgeous now with orange, green and a few brown leaves. Yesterday morning Duke Boy and I were out having coffee and conversation before church and got to experience the water oak shedding its leaves.   So beautiful looking up and watching them swirl their way to the ground.  Almost forgot what a pain it will be to get them all out of the drain at our back door.

Speaking of coffee, Duke Boy usually fills my cup in the morning when I am blogging.  Now I'm upstairs--HEY, I'M UP HERE!!.  Room service???
  Bitter with the sweet.  I didn't have to ask him to turn down "Morning Joe". It's so quiet except for the ticking of a new clock from my Mom--a birthday present--purple with a peace sign--you rock, Mom. 

Praying for healing for several friends and family this morning.  Praying for peace in the world.  Praying for healing in relationships. 

Holiday Hope, November 15th at noon at Shawmut United Methodist Church in Valley, AL is sponsored by the Pastoral Institute.  I 'll present a seminar on facing the holidays for the first time after the death of a loved one. Lunch will be served. It's free.  Call 334-768-2341 to reserve your place. 

This huge beauty is showcased from my window this morning.

Commerical break: sale in booth # 19 of Bluffton Street Antiques and Collectibles in Lanett, AL.  Lots of Christmas goodies.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Dancing, painting, praying

Bonnie Raitt is a marvelous entertainer and didn't disappoint last Saturday night in Columbus, GA.  I stayed in my seat until the last song in the encore--then it was time to dance.  I'd never attended a concert in the River Center where the crowd was very polite and sedate, but finally I was joined by several others who'd been longing to express some of that built up passion brought on by her music.  Thanks, Bonnie. 

The gal whose name escapes me ...who did her lead up music was wonderfully talented.  She had a great voice and played several instruments.  Her band included another guitar player and a cello player, very cool. 

Great meal at The Loft before the concert.  Food, service, and atmosphere were all excellent. Trick or treat in downtown Columbus was fun to experience with lots of little kids in costumes and adults too--some very interesting.  Columbus is a great little city to frolic in. 

Thanks too to my peeps that provide my companionship and ride for such a great night.

Amazingly close to finishing my dressing room.  It's proving to be a fun place to start my day.  It will be even cozier when I get the door painted and figure out what I want to do with my closet.  HMMM??  Door, curtain, ?? Doors hide a world of sin.  Doors make space get lost in the room too.  More to come.

Plants are the basement, in the house, in the garage.  Lizards are probably in the basement, in the house, and in the garage.  Let's hope only critters who are green and have legs came in.  I'm ok with a lizard or two.  Last winter, I think?  We had a snake in the basement--don't tell my Mom.  She will never visit my home again.  It was on top of the frig --either trying to get to the ice or get warm?? The pest control man and Duke boy said it went out the way it came in---spoken by men who knew that there are 10000000000 places for snakes to hide in our basement. 

Prayers for several close friends who are in different stages of cancer treatments.  Remember to get your mammogram.  1 in 8 women have breast cancer, I believe that's the stat.  Sad.  Pray.