Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How I spent December..I know you wondered??

It's a sunny 35 degrees at nearly 11AM and I'm still in my jammies.

Learning how to use Windows 10.  I am too old.  Never read the Windows 8 for Seniors--not high schoolers...All my computers skills are self taught...so glad that fact goes undetected.  I'm proud I have a SMART phone that I can use to get to the internet while my laptop is circling...you know what I mean...the little "o" that orbits for hours on end...like being on hold with the cable company without all the free commercials for products giving comfort while you wait to talk to a human. 

Enough about that...found my blog again after 4 months absence.  Some of you must have missed me because 301 of you still looked at the old stuff last month.  I'm back with more cheery family updates, helpful hints, where I ate and ate and ate, number of Christmas tubs in the basement and...
news on the flooding of the HOOCH! 

Did you think it would ever stop raining?  Today the Hooch is in the banks at my house.  Not so for most of last week.   Geese held a dance party on the lawn/lake with about 20 happy honkers over the weekend.  Think it was all those who couldn't get enough of New Year's Eve.  Also saw a crane, many white seagulls??, two eagles, a flock of blue jays, and a flock of black birds--I didn't see the one that pooped a berry on my head in my back garden. 

Little Hedgies loved exploring all the puddles in the garden with their new winter boots. So precious in their silly monster toboggans especially when they get that one-eyed pirate look going. 

Christmas was such fun this year.  Did Callaway lights in convertible again.  Also Nativity at Nazarene Church. Merry-go-round.  Lights at Sughar's--had boys take turns helping me turn on all my lights in my house...I now know why it takes Callaway so long to get theirs on.  It took me about 10 minutes to do 4 rooms.  Maybe I'll be on one of those "Great Light Fight" shows next year.  Ha.

Special evening at Lagrange College hearing their lessons and carols service.  RJ has gotten me there for 2 years but alas she's leaving us for God's country--T-town not heaven.  Perhaps she'll return during the holidays next year for that special treat.  Additional joy comes from the carol singing that happens from the audience--wonderful. 

Fun Christmas party with my NYC niece, sister, all the Hedgies and Duke Boy at the Montgomery Zoo.  Beautiful non-rainy day for Zoo light safari.  Did the combo ticket to see animals first, then rode train to see the lights.  Great way to do a family Christmas gathering.   Super play ground.  Boys did all the slides to the waiting mud puddles.  We were at the zoo so the mud wallowing critters didn't care if we weren't cleaner than them.

Also had fun seeing my beautiful Mom and sister's family in December. 
Sadly,the flooding washed away a Christmas weekend gathering.

Thanks to Duke Boy for lovely Advent services at Shawmut UMC.  Our church was lovely with a Christmon Tree, poinsettias, and dear friends.  Christmas Eve service was washed out.

Sad but we did get to see Santa ride by inside the firetruck.  Too much bad weather to sit on top. 
Guess that was another light event.  Love standing in the dark driveway waiting for Santa to flood our street with lights and sirens.  Very cool.  The little Hedges did a lot of puddle jumping then too.

Well that was my December along with  few other parties, lovely gifts and too much food.  Food made me remember the discovery of "deep fried bacon". It is literally to die FROM...ate it twice..once at  Acre in Auburn for our anniversary and again on Christmas Eve during our family time.

Peace and joy in 2016.