Friday, February 28, 2014

Not a size ten but read in 9 countries

"Healing is more than cure.
A cure solves a medical problem.
Healing means coming to peace with the way things are."
                  Christopher Maricle
                  The Jesus Priorities   8 Essential Habits

I haven't read the above book but I plan to.  I'm often charmed by book titles with numbers and words like "essential".  I'm hoping the rest of the book is as good as this quote.

 Seems that most of my life is about trying to come to peace with the way things are.
 Not a millionaire by 60-peace,
 not a size 10-peace,
 not living in France-peace, not visiting there yet--not peaceful,
not internationally known for my writing...I must not be at peace about that either since I'm in the Erma Bombeck contest.

Ok, more peaceful --just reviewed the stats--readers from 9 countries on this blog this week.
  40 in the Ukraine--go Ukraine!

Hope today you are coming to peace with the way things are.  Thanks Mr. Maricle for the insight.  I look forward to following up on your 8 ideas.  First I gotta buy the book. 

Peace for the day from the Hooch.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

On an unsupported browser so I may get unexpected results.  Isn't that just called life?

Glad my day job is in a building--polar vortex time-  I can't get warm in my office either.

Picked my most beautiful daffodils in the front garden because they were nearly prostrate from the cold.  So glad I did because they have the spiciest odor that I didn't notice outside,  and they are lovely again in the vase. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Couch blogging isn't an olympic sport

Blogging on the couch isn't as cool as blogging on Dex--literally ---rain.
          The polar vortex circling overhead.

 Lost power last night for a couple of hours--according to clocks that had to be reset.  It was time to go to bed anyhow.  My cell phone is a flashlight--- remembered this after feeling my way to the kitchen, digging under the cabinet, and searching for the button on the light. ...shazamm--now go get the cell phone and take it to bed too.   Even the street lights were out--like country living. 

Ready to rock those grands.  Not long now.  Wahoo & Wise will be West and Wolfe.  Sweet.  Pray for the journey to complete soon.  As soon as it's safe. 

Chilly peaceful day on the couch.

Have a new friend?? Tree frog in the basement.  He's crying.  Wish I could locate him so he could return to the Chatta-nilderness
. Perhaps he'll find his way back out after the PV--polar vortex moves on. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Grateful for the beauty.

Hard to believe that'll I'll get a cool reception from Dex tomorrow.  We've had a grand few days. 
I'm enjoying his company now as I write.  Birds singing, birds pecking, birds flying, birds building a nest in a small opening in an eave.

Bird peeping in with a mouth full of straw as I type.  Looks brown--sparrow? 3 trips in the time it took me to finish the line.  Maybe both of them are at work. 

Clouds look painted on a blue canvas reflecting the rising sun. 

Very loud bird singing up the sun.  Sounds like extreme, eexxtreme, extreme.  It is that.  Extremely beautiful.  Air nippy but ok with my trusty pink LL Bean jacket.  Actually Hedgie Girl's from a ski trip not taken long ago. 

Gotta find a good spot for my new bat house.  Hope I never have to occupy it myself.  It's very thin. 
I can see it from the porch but don't like the location. 

There goes Mr. Extreme again. 

Yesterday I watched two Canadian Geese by the river. Perhaps they'll visit again today? 

So much beauty from my seat.  Just got a kiss from Duke Boy.  He's up. 

Hope all of you find beauty to start your day.

                   Look for it,

                                                                      be grateful,
                                                                                                  share it.

Friday, February 21, 2014

300 reasons to head to the Hooch

Post # 300.  Wahoo and Wise have me up in the night again.  Actually I think it's the lighting and thunder that did the trick. When the light come through the eye mask you know something is happening.  I am not plugged into the power as I type.  My hair already stands straight up without any additional prompting other than a little gel needed.

My plan last night when I laid my head on the pillow was to convince Duke Boy to go to Callaway Gardens with me today.  Hmmm???  It's not March Madness yet--for those non basketball types out there --it's when the need to watch Duke basketball replaces oxygen in your life.  He was sitting with Dex last night when I was laying my head on the pillow.  It felt like summer out there when I went to kiss him goodnight.  Should have know then that storms were on the way

If I was Ellen I'd announce my 12 days of give aways for writing my 300th post.  Ok so we know I'm not Ellen.  She does some pretty amazing give aways.  A school in Oklahoma got a bookmobile yesterday. The teacher was just precious who won it for them.  Made me weep.  So much good in the world.  Gotta keep your head up instead of down to see it.  Just decided what to give you...wait for it...

                          UP     Day   filled with  Laughter!   Here's some fun to get you started.

a head

                                                          Who knew Target could be such fun??
                                                  2 out of 4 smiles--the others are holding out for cocoa
                                                   all the craze in Samson to adorn yourself this way
                                                 all gussied up for fun
                                        lots to be Thankful for with these cuties
                                         Great to be home--you were missed!!!
                                                        Girls are lined up for these two so she's got a hold for now
                                                           Fans of purple for 175 years total
                                                    chilling with Cheetah girl
                                           they have since added a brother/cousin to this gang of smiles
                                                                Last summer--it will come again
                                             Twins having fun 
                                         Had to walk to this high point in our year for this pix in
                                                 Charleston--worth it
                                                      Ms. M my favorite 80+ Kid
                                                                        Beach time with Mom and the beautiful Nancy
                                                       Splendor in the Grass
                                                        Go Duke

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Porch sitting again!

The following will appear in my local paper . Enjoy a double pleasure of a twice read.

Porch sitting.  I could stop with those two words.  Y’all all know what I mean.  It’s what we do down here—you also know what those words mean—“The South”.  It doesn’t matter how big or small your porch is, it doesn’t matter if it’s on the back, front, side or falling off the house.  It doesn’t matter if it has chairs, couches, boxes, blocks…We are going to sit there the first chance we get when the weather permits.  We might have to put on a coat, sweater or our toboggan but by golly we are gonna sit on that porch.  It is restful whether we are looking at the Hooch, the traffic, the neighbor’s house, the street, the kids playing, or the back of our eyelids.   It doesn’t matter if we’re sipping tea, coke, Chattahoochee Branch—that’s water—just ask Bill Gilbert, or nothing at all.  The porch is where you gotta get to after a winter like we’ve had. 

Just ask all those folks in Atlanta and Birmingham what they needed after 10 hours in their cars on the interstate.  They needed a porch!  Of course, they also needed weather like we had yesterday too. 

Think back—great porches—the first one that comes to mind is my Grandmother Starnes—now she had a great porch.  It was huge or so it seemed as a kid.  It had wide concrete banisters that were loaded with huge pots full of begonias, and ferns.  The furniture didn’t have cushions but it was large, wooden and comfortable—a glider and a huge chair where my Grandmother always sat—weather permitting.  Actually she only sat when she wasn’t tending her flowers.  After she finished showing you all the flowers then she sat.  Her chair was a glider too.  Who got those pieces of furniture??  I bet they are still giving folks some rest. 

Another memorable porch was the one on my house in Ensley.  It was more like a sun porch that could only be reached from inside the house.  My rocking horse was there, Bullet.  Bullet is now in my basement.  Bullet and I had lots of adventures on that porch.  I have a scar on my head to prove it.  Bricks and a kid’s head.  I’m sure you have your own porch scars.  We’ll start a story swap. 

Our Talladega porch was small, screened, and on the back of the house.  My knees ache when I think about the day I fell through the screen while trying to adjust to my new bifocal contacts.  My family came home and thought a burglary had occurred. Why didn’t they just open the screen door?  It didn’t have a lock.  Took a while to live that one down.

My Hooch porch has comfy chairs, an eating table, and rockers.  It also has a fabulous view.  Yesterday the geese took their daily trip back to the pond from the West Point Lake.  They are so loud that they make you look up even if you know by now what all that racket is about.  Birds are everywhere now too.  They sound like creatures three times their size pulling out twigs, leaves, and other comfy liners for their nests.  Double N, our community cat, is intrigued by all the chatter and digging. 

Look for a porch—quick—it’s gonna get cold again next week.  But don’t be sad if you are slow to make porch friends because spring really is coming that’s a promise… here in “The South”.




Sunset with Dex

Spent a lot of time with Dex today.  Sun is making such a glare on the screen as it sets across the river that I can barely see to type.  Probably a message in that.  Computers and Dex don't go together. 

Picked daffodils today and they're on my table where I plan to eat supper in a few with Mommy Ann.

  It's so warm that the ceiling fans are swiftly turning overhead.  Love it.  The Hooch is heading to Columbus.  It's lost its muddy hew of last week.  Birds are everywhere--flying, digging, singing, dunking--so cute in my big iron pot--reminds me of those dunking birds that we had as kids that would dip their beaks in a glass of water--over and over again.  I loved mine.  Easily entertained before computers. 

Double N is relaxing in a chair trying to appear inattentive to all the bird goings-on. He hasn't brought me a present in awhile--I'm not sad.  

Fast visit with the Hedgies.  Wonderful, wonderful soon soon.  Hedgie Girl just told me about Control Z so I'd quit crying about my lost blog. Good to know.  Never had a computer class so some things still aren't in my repertoire. 

Ahhh--sunset on the Hooch.  Wish you were here.  Lovely night.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blue sky kind of day. Wonderful

Willie is singing "blue sky..nothing but blue sky..."  Actually it's birds chirping loudly, but in my mind they sound like Willie.

Headed out to seize the day and hopefully have a full day of clients.  Working part-time has a whole new meaning with all the bad weather we've had lately. 

Less than a month for Wahoo and Wise to come into my arms.  Have to stay out of stores with baby clothes. Too cute to resist. 

Peace to all.  May you feel joy today...look for it.  Daffodils emerging...birds singing, smiling faces, dogs that want to snuggle, whiskery kisses from two legged love.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Turkey Hunter shares his day with God

I'm sleeping like a baby these days...up in the night again.  Went to bed at 7:30 for a nap--up at midnight and still up. 

Fabulous joyful, sad, lovely day with Ms. M and the ole Turkey Hunter's ashes.  A crowd of folks gathered at Jackson Gap or thereabouts to plant a tree, sing, eat, swap stories, and hear Duke Boy commit some of Mr. Larry's ashes to the ground with a white oak.  Larry legend has it that turkey's like to eat the acorns of the white oak.  And legend according to Buster, whose land we were on also has it that the ole Turkey Hunter shot his last turkey from a small thicket to the left of where we planted his tree. 

Larry aka ole Turkey Hunter was having a time with God telling him who all those ( God's creations :) ) were---God loves his leadership skills--God DID NOT--interrupt him.

" Grady my littlest grandson, is the one throwing the rocks"

--sometimes two at a time at the bumper of all the trucks that carried all these folks to this tree planting

---some inquired if we were still in Alabama--it was quite a ride. I almost rode on the back of pickup--so glad I didn't since I'm Methodist and we don't re-baptize. There were some ruts---we call those swimming holes when they aren't in the road. 

Back to Larry telling the Lord about His creations:

"Lucy, the arm baby, actually the one who is trying desperately to get out of all the arms that want to hold her, is the one with the huge eyes.  Those eyes could swallow you.  There are nearly as big as some of those rebaptism holes.  Her Momma, is Joy, the one with the cute boots that little Lucy is trying to unzip the zippers on while her Momma is trying to listen to the words that Duke Boy is saying about me." 

"Joy is also Momma to Joe--he is the one with the blonde hair who is running back and forth between his Momma and his Daddy.   His Daddy, Chris is the one now holding two girls, Angel and Lucy.  Angel is the newest addition to our family.  She is hugging Lucy and telling her she doesn't have to cry."

"Adelyn is the pretty brown- haired one in the fur- topped boots.  She's a sister to Grady.  Their Daddy's my boy, Adam.  He's the one with the tears in his eyes.  Hope he can feel my arm around his shoulders. "

"Just look at that Margaret.  She is prettier than the day we married.  She never ceases to amaze me at her ability to carry on.  I like it that they put me in the pitcher.  Kinda classes me up don't you think?"

"Motorcycle friends--who saved my life--turkey hunting buddies--thanks Buster---for shoveling out that hole---you could have left my chair in front of the stove--people would have had to have walked around it--it would have improved your story--Wednesday night supper friends, neighbors, story hearers, babysitters of my kids, story swappers, Bama fans, fans of the other team, family.  What a  day.  Look at this blue sky and feel that sunshine...thanks for taking the wind down, God.  Made them stay a little longer and visit."

"Duke Boy did a good job.  I taught him some good story telling skills.  He was my Associate at Lanett.  He's about to be Paw to those twin boys.  He'll be a good one.  More Bama and Duke fans ."

"Let's get all these folks home safe.  You know they came from Georgia and all over Alabama. I had quite a life down there.  Thanks for all that, God.  I'm gonna go check with The Bear and see if they ever planted a tree for him anywhere? "

Thanks for a lovely day with the ole Turkey Hunter's friends and family.  I regret not taking my tambourine.  Ms. M and I could have sang a duet and I could have gotten her to dance a little--she can't sing and dance at the same time though--a little sad but true.  Work on that.  Glad to have met all the blog readers from Huntsville. Keep those hugs going to Ms. M and her fam.  Peace.

 The ole Turkey Hunter is happy to know that this blog got 243 views when I wrote about his funeral. Highest ever read.   Knock it out of the park this time.  Sorry couldn't resist a sports analogy.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cats, cold and cuteness

Double N was insistent the I open the spa for him/her?? He came running to me from across the street twice when I was out ---just dashing out with the garbage once, and next... cupcakes for Rock Man.  He was loud, meowing and wet. Double N--not Rock Man.

Guilt from a big ole cat is powerful. It would be a whole lot easier to just let him in.  He could then come in and take over the couch, the kitchen counters, the stairs, the bed, ..

Dreaming of a winter spa

.SHAZAM--get the light--open the spa.

 New spa location, under the porch--think it's warmer there.  He did his cat thing of aloofness about the light, big towel, and box .  Just checked and he's curled up sleeping. 

My scripture this morning from Mark about Jesus feeding the 5000--hospitality. Gotta do it. He didn't take all 5000 home but he did feed them. 

The Russians skated to "Jesus Christ Superstar" last night.  It was beautiful.  Think they took Gold.

Randomness--awake in the night thinking of babies.  Glad they are safe and warm.  I know they are getting excited to meet me.  Sorted their little tiny clothes into drawers with Hedgie Girl and Sartsy. Lots of oohes and ahhs at the cuteness. Keep praying for safe arrivals.
Had to share this great picture of the Volunteer Firefighters in North Alabama.  They are getting the job done.  Thanks guys!. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Flowerbeds and Turkey Hunters--Heavenly

Little BW trying to climb into the heat vent this morning.  Looks like February outside--ok so it's the 11th and it should.  Rush, rush,--springtime--spoiled by a brief Sunday porch lunch.  Ok..we had on sweaters and quickly moved to the sunny side of the porch after lunch.  It was deceptively beautiful outside.

Waiting for spring is like waiting for anything that we will hope will bring us joy to happen.  We are waiting.  I moved pots off my flowerbeds so the tulips could pop up.  It's happening.  They can't resist trying to find the sun this time of year.  I get it.

One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.
                                                     Helen Keller

Looking forward to being with this sweet family on Saturday as we plant a tree for this ole Turkey Hunter .  He is working on a story for God about his best hunt.
 Hope Ms. M will bring some more feathers.
 Mine went to the other Ms. M's grands.
  I need two... for my future grands. 

Peace for the day from the Hooch.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday happy thoughts.

Friday again! Wahoo and Wise are a day closer to adding to the Wonderfulness of my life--and the rest of the people I love.  Double Sughar is having a few moments of her own sweetness! My suggest that both of them have middle names of Wonderful hasn't been seriously consider--yet!

Babies are everywhere.  Such fun to watch them and smile.  Looking forward to TWO to cuddle with.

Have a fun Friday. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wahoo and Wise

My cold is finally giving in to all the banana popsicles. Actually I only ate two--might have been the homemade chicken and rice soup.  All I know is since last Wednesday it's been rough.  I missed church yesterday because I felt so crummy.

Missed Duke Boy's announcement of my becoming a Double Sughar---twins--coming to the arms of the EBs sooon.  Boys--I don't know nothin about boys.  Of course, I've lived with Duke Boy for 32 years.  Does that count?  I also kissed a lot of frogs and some other close to being princes along the way before Duke Boy and I said, "I do".

You've gotten by now that these will be my grands--actually living with the Hedgies.  Makes my heart nearly bust to see them so happy.  Praying for our birth mom and her family.  It takes great love to provide new opportunities for your children. 

Jeremiah 29:11  I know the plans I have for you... to give you a future and a hope.

 This scripture keeps playing in my head this morning.  It was in a card box of mine earlier this morning.  Duke Boy and I read this scripture in our wedding. Our family is there again.

Wonderful, Wonderful.  I've suggested those words as middle names for the boys.  It was all I could say after they told us about their conversation with the birth mom. 

We are all praying for wisdom and guidance .  I could be holding babies by leap day.  Wahoo and Wise.  those are my names for them in my journal. 

I did get to take a great nap with Dex yesterday.
   Gizillions of birds flocking in the trees, breezy.  So nice.

Sycamore Row--by John Grisham.  Just finished.  He's such a great storyteller. 

Oh, in other news ...submitted an article to the Erma Bombeck's writers contest.  Really wanted go to the workshop in April but of course it's sold out--unless you win a place through the contest.....