Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

These little lover boys have definitely stolen my heart.
 Hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine's Day. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Nothing but blue sky...

Amazing day on the Hooch---blue sky, an eagle, ducks, cranes, daffodils

back pain from cleaning out the garage--in the loosest since of clean...toting limbs to the road, loading things in the car to go to Bluffton Antiques for my booth---where a sale is going on.

Then wonderful supper by Duke Boy--he was on a high from the Duke big win over Notre Dame. 
I let him beat me at Canasta too so his winning streak could continue. Don't tell him. 

If you didn't leave the house today you must venture out tomorrow and show the groundhog that you're defying his prediction. 


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Unparalled play

My second Wednesday of retirement. Let dog out, feed dog, make coffee, unload dishwasher, turn on dryer, read a chapter of Max Lucado, "You'll Get through this", finish taxes, take dog out, pay bills, finish coffee, straighten guest room, put away linens,

When did I do all this before?

Everyone, well, not everyone, since I've yet to meet everyone on this planet or any other... but the people I see asked me with a distressed look, "what are you going to do with yourself?"  I say probably play with boys more---did that from 8 to 5:30 yesterday. Came home and took 38 minute nap after supper.  Leftovers reheated by Duke Boy while I sat in my chair.  Thanks DB. 

Those guys are 11 months old now.  Being with them beats any clinical studies I've ever done.  They are a constant source of joy and puzzlement.  11 month olds don't know that developmentally they aren't supposed to do anything but parallel play.  Chasing each other through a tunnel isn't parallel.  Too funny.  Not sure if stealing the other's toy counts as play?  When did we get too big to need a lap?  Sitting on the floor provides many opportunities for snuggles and check ins. Pee pie new favorite game. Played with lap quilts over each boy.  Good to have time to visit with Hedgie Girl too as she also tries to figure out what's in these boys heads since language is still forming.  Fun to watch her and Hedgie Boy love these boys with patience and kindness.  Glad to be included in the days and nights.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Never just black or white

Duke Boy on the couch--Duke BB team on the flat screen.  Go Coach K.  Had to turn off the volume on the kitchen TV--time delay by a second or two--crazy producing. 

Saw "Black or White" today with Kevin Cosner.  Got terrible reviews.  Here's mine.  Worth the price of a matinee ticket and popcorn when you borrow a prepaid bucket and take in your own chocolate covered cashews.  Dark chocolate. Health food.  Got out for less than $30, I think? Unless I remember where I hid the rest of the cashews I can take them to the next show.  Back to the review.  I just love Kevin and Octavia. Don't know the name of the precious child star. Glad I wasn't the Judge.  Encouraged Duke Boy to go see "American Sniper" if he wanted to ...I'd go alone...sad eyes...problem only 1 borrow popcorn bucket and it was going to the movie with me...he loves popcorn...

Those little Hedgies are growing up.  Almost 11 months old. We became a gated community this week.  Sughar and Paw can climb over...with a wall assist.  Gate open...trip hazard...has happen twice to me...quick stitches or falls...thinking about getting a lifeline though.  Does provide a little containment when only one of us is in the room. 

These little guys make me smile, breathe hard, dance, sing, bend over, attempt to stand up again, learn "Twinkle, twinkle" on the piano, pitch a ball, change 3 or 4 poopies--an aerobic event---daily, discover "ancient grain cheerios, eat eggs for breakfast, use my cell as a flash light looking for a "bo bo"  lost in the bed---aka pacifier. They are both so something but mainly little bundles of love who touch your face with tiny fingers, grab your shirt with slimmy fingers, pull hair with sneaky fingers, and steal your heart with a whole body waving "Hi" fingers.  Love them so. So glad to be part of their world.