Thursday, May 17, 2012

Look for the puddles

Reminded again by Madeleine L'Engle that "Peter could walk on water... until he remembered that humans had forgotten how to".  It's in our  God made nature to be healers, comforters, acceptors of answers that we'd not considered part of our plans.  I pray you will seek moments to walk on water today to strength your divine nature. 

Fortunate to have garden walking moments already this morning in preparation for water walking.  Blue, pink and lavender hydrangeas that only a loving God can create.  Another miracle is a peony sprouting in the front garden.  (We are not good with those.) Pray that the grasshoppers don't find its' tender leaves tasty.  Still no handsome prince candidates in the yard to protect the garden from those creatures. 

Peace to all on this beautiful May day.  Look for the puddles as you go out into the world today.  Don't miss an opportunity.

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