Thursday, May 10, 2012

Maman je t'aime

Bonjour to my reader from France.  I know a few other words but I'm sorry to say my days in Mademoiselle Howell's class weren't some of my best moments.  It's not very difficult to change an "F" into a "B" on a report card.  I only did this in my memory box.  I suffered the consequences that semester.  I did make Bs after that... for real. Ms. Watson, my second grade ?? teacher was the one who gave me my best memories of French--we just did some small conversations and since she was so lovable I learned more.   Please don't ask me to conjugate any verbs--torture.  Dear reader, I plan to visit Paris one day--bucket list.

Paris, a hydrangea, lives in a pot in my garden.  She is showing off right now.  All pink and beautiful.  I babied her last year, much like the rose in The Little Prince, French novel.  Wish I had a croissant for breakfast to go with all this Frenchness.  I shall manger (eat) oatmeal with blueberries in a moment.

Raised the window so I could hear my feathered friends and clap my hands a the chat (cat) . All hydrangeas are stunningly happy and well watered this morning.  Time to walk out and say "hello".

Remember your (I Love you mom ) Maman je t'aime this week.  We are trained by Hallmark and the Postal Service to do that this Sunday. Mine has a lovely pot of flowers assembled on my recent visit.  All purples and yellows. 

Peaceful Thursday to all.  I shall now tour the garden.

                                                       Paris wanted to say "Bonjour".

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