Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wacky day

I am trying an experiment in wacky-ness this morning.  Duke Boy is still sleeping and I know he's going to hate it.  I got my chair out of the corner of the living room  and turned it to face the window . I can see the Hooch and my river garden.  That's not the wackyest part.  I have it on some of those things that you raise a bed up with.  But wow--what a view!  The sun is coming up now and I can see the river.  Cool.  12 years in this house--didn't see this view---and I'm in my year of my 50s--time!!

I saw what I think is a beaver in my river garden this week.  There is a red mound of dirt near my trees where I hang my hammock.  Rockman thinks it's a fox den--I think it's a misplaced beaver dam.  I think a beaver said, "Darn, I'm sick of all this washing away of my hard work.  I'm heading for higher ground."  Maybe I'll get to see his/her cute wobbly butt today. 

Shazam--- I can put this idea to work upstairs in my sitting room when I finish painting.  An upstairs fruit basket turnover with my furniture--uh, oh, Duke Boy is stirring upstairs---I just need a chaise lounge --I've always wanted one.  Be strong---he's downstairs---outside with Callie--wait for it...

I just opened the window--chilly-- crows fussing, the train whistle, my cardinal,  3 squirrels running the trees, orange, yellow, green leaves, clack of the train going by across the river
---Duke Boy behind me ,"it look terrible".  Grin on his face as I get my morning kiss.  He's knows I'm a cracked pot--aren't we all?

More birds have joined the chorus--Duke Boy  cooking breakfast.  Inspired by the speckled grits from a stop off at the Callaway Country Store yesterday.

Time for socks--a little chilly and breezy.  Also time to make room for plants in the basement today.  Oh Lawd, that means the annual climbing over them in a few short weeks to get to my Christmas boxes. 

Several dear friends and loved ones are struggling with serious illnesses and losses.  I'm praying for all this morning as I feel the chill of this wonderful new day of hope and promise.

Peace and a new look out into God's October Birthmonth day.
Wacky new view of the world
View of the Hooch

Sunday, October 14, 2012

More birthmonth stories

My Birthmonth continues to uplift and encourage me to be enamored with its gorgeousness. Yesterday I took time to piddle and play until threaten of darkness drove me indoors.  Pansies procured last weekend are now all in dirt beyond the teeny life- sucking six pack from the pansy farm.  Miraculous that even the ones lying on their sides looking beyond dead have resurrected after abundant dirt and the gift of water.  Much like the original resurrection story. 

Gourds, a pumpkin, and pansies decorate my porch with their fall cuteness.  The gourds are from Linda aka Nana at Bluffton Street Antiques.  She has more for sale if you are interested.  She and her husband must have quite a garden because Duke Boy cooked yummy mustard greens for lunch that came from her.  My booth is overflowing with cool items that need a new home. 

Tonight is the TV premier of "October Baby" on GMC TV.  This film is a creation of my nephews, The Erwin Brothers.  My favorite line in the movie, "things are rarely black or white" delivered by the deputy.  It's a good movie for your pre-teens and up. 

While I'm writing I can hear acorns pumelling the roof of my neighbor's shed.  I brought a handful in this morning.  They are such beautiful colors and yes,...cute.

Peace to all from the Hooch. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October, my month!

It's fair weather--as in time to go to the fair.  I remember that one of the advantages of growing up in Birmingham was that it was home to the Alabama State Fair for all of my youth.  I also remember that I thought it came to town for my birthday.  Schools were let out early at least one day of that week so students could go to the fair. I think we were supposed to go to the exhibits, and we did--sometimes--you had to see the hogs, and chickens--we were city slickers.  The Midway was the happening place though--the rides, the games, the weird sideshows--my Mother never took us in those--You could win a huge teddy bear for a nickel--or a million nickles.  The first one I ever remember seeing anyone that I knew win was my sister's now husband.  He won her a huge black and white bear.  I was in 8th grade and that was all about loving someone when you were willing to pitch nickles, and then tote this giant stuffed bear all around for your sweetie.  It would be another few years until a boy did that for me. 

October is such a magical month.  I was born.  Monarchs are migrating to Mexico.  Pansies and "Johnny-jump-ups, aka violas, mums, pumpkins,cooler days, warm sunshine, birthday cake, birthday lunches, birthday cards.  Yes, it's an all about me month. 

How are you celebrating October and fall?  Gardening, painting, visiting with friends. 

I took today and wrote out my prayer list and then I wrote some notes to those people on my prayer lists. I like cards so much that I think everyone must.  Maybe I will make that my goal for October to pray and write more cards to those in my prayers.  Better goals than "musts".

Peace from my glorious spot on the Hooch.

Martha Stewart's recipe for grandbaby Jude's birthday. Duke Boy added pecans to the layers. 

The sad spot on the outside of this cake came when Duke Boy couldn't get the cake dome to release it from it's grasp. After sitting near the stove for a few minutes all that butter let go of it's grip.  I wish I had a recording of the birthday song--hoo-lar-e-us! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Younger than Paris time

Bonjour to my reader from France.  I was sadden to discovered that if I move there I will be a day older than I am now. Not a whole day of course but just closer to my next decade than I am in this time zone. I'm guessing it would be worth it.  I had lunch in Opelika on Central Time on my birthday just so I could savor my youth for a moment longer. My wrinkles never know what to do when I go shopping there and then have to rush home.

I am proud to say I made it through an entire workday without a nap.  I was excited to return and all my clients remembered their appointments.  Hurrah.  I do think those companies that have the little tents where their employees go to catch a few ZZZs have the right idea.  There is some research  somewhere (?) to support naps promoting increased creativity.  Ms. Grace Guthrie probably knew that long before the research.  She was my 4th and 5th grade teacher--I --we had her for two years because she loved our class so much.  Or at least that was her party line and we all fell for it.  She was a robust, energetic woman who came to work looking beautiful everyday, I thought.  She wore skirts with a tucked in blouse, a beautiful broach or scarf and her hose and heels.  Back to the nap part--everyday after lunch she read to us from the Bible and The Bobbsey Twins.  I can still see her sitting on that desk with her skirt all tucked around and that straight back while she lulled us--or at least me-- into a restful, contented place with her wonderful storytelling voice. I am getting weepy just writing this because she made school and her classroom such a great place to be.  I don't know if she's still living.  I never knew much about her personal life back then either.  She was my teacher and a person to be respected and looked up to and we did.  Thanks Ms. G. 

I hope someone will say that about me and the way and I do my job. Time to get ready for another day in my part of the  world where I'm still younger than I am in Paris.  Au revoir.

                                                                from the Hooch

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Napping and working

Hit the small appliance trifecta for my BD. Microwave, coffee maker and fry daddy.  Sounds like I cook. I don't plan to take that up in my last year of my 50s. I have a great chef in my life already.  There's some kind of negative saying about too many cooks in the kitchen.  He did stretch his taste buds this evening with sushi.  He liked it.

Tomorrow is back to work.  I'm not sure what I'll do without that afternoon nap.  I've had one every afternoon for two weeks. 

The good news :the work week will be shorter since I took the day off to play for my BD. 

Peace to all from the Valley.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Home to all the creature comforts--washer/dryer in the basement, little food in the frig, unpainted dressing room, my own bed--yes, my own bathroom-yes.  Just got up from my Sunday nap.

Today is my last day to be 58.  Weather is cool, rainy and  great  for napping. 

Orange Beach and Colorado Springs all in one summer.  Pretty fabulous.  Had a great visit with old friends. we'd not seen in about 20 years.  Keep them in your prayers as they are fighting cancer.  We had a great time viewing the inter coastal waterway by boat from their condo to the restaurant where I gracefully exited the boat and clunked by face on the pier post.  John was kind enough to deposit me in the sand on our return trip.  The highlight of the boat trip was watching a family(pod) of dolphins play in the water.  They were having a grand ole time leaping and circling.  The Monarch butterflies and their flight to Mexico were also part of our vacation experience.  Flowers outside of our condo were covered in them.  Sadly so was the shoreline with those who didn't make it. 

Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs
                  So glad I got to relax in such a lovely spot with such great friends and family. 

                                               Me and Hedgie Girl frolicking in the sand.

Inter coastal cruisin
Trying to capture the sun