Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day in the garden

Lovely relaxing pre-Mother's Day.  Piddled in my garden yesterday for awhile.  Discovered the secret to good dirt.  Planted pass along plants and moved stuff around.  OK, I did buy 2 Calediums Friday night.  Every now and then you have to have a pretty annual.

God's water has saved me again--don't have to break out the hose. It's occupied anyway surrounding part of the front lawn which shall become a natural area.  No more watching Duke Boy dodge all those tiny trees while mowing. 

Today I'm treated to a lunch prepared by my the Hedgies.  Looking forward to a lovely meal from another great cook.

                                                        My Hedgie girl cook for the day.
Correction to the statement. Hedgie Boy was my cook today.  He did all Vegan just for me. 
Very yummy.  He is a sweetie. 

                      Hug, call ,or remember your Mom.   Peace.

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