Friday, May 25, 2012

Hair, eyes, and life on the Hooch

Twelve countries, welcome India and Germany, and over 2000 hits on my page.  Today is post #99.  Someone asked me recently what was the purpose of blogging?  It began as a means to reach a different audience for my office at the Pastoral Institute.  I'm not sure what it's become?  Another friend who is a blogger said it's addictive.  Maybe so?  I do look forward to sitting down and seeing what comes out of my fingers.  I look forward to seeing comments, # of hits, and the audience--what countries are clicking on the page.  Thanks for your support of my randomness.

On to the day in the garden.  Another morning up before daylight so I can be earlier than the birds getting my blueberries. I make coffee first, wash dishes in sink, put clothes in washer, and finally there's enough light to tell if the berries are ripe.  Stop to admire Paris-- first "oh my goodness" moment for the morning--I know there will be more.  Next OMGoodness was a half cup of berries for my cereal. 

Today is the rehearsal for the Auburn wedding of Katie and Slade. Duke Boy will be on his best behavior as he goes to mingle with those on The Plains.  His heart pumps Crimson Tide.

Going to accomplish a few outdoor tasks in the garden before my hair appointment.  First,the spider that is trying to take over the front door.  I have knocked Madame in your Hairy down twice and she is back again like a hair in a biscuit.  Lots of hair reference must be foreshadowing re: my Hair appt.  Second lily deadhead and third..weed the front garden bed.  Or perhaps "Not" to all of that.  There may be a "BUT First" I encounter along the way. 

Duke Boy just grabbed my coffee cup for a refill.  Bless him.  Last night I came home to him trying to remove a contact from his eye.  Looked like he'd done a round with Sugar Ray.  This is his second attempt to not wear glasses "for the rest of his life".  I've worn contacts since I was 15--I'm in my 40s --ok or late 50s?? now.  I still remember my first day weeping in the eye doctor's office because I had hard contacts stabbing into my eyes.  Fast forward to Duke Boy with me trying to help him remove a contact or perhaps just the iris since it was difficult to tell if there really was anything in there??  It isn't natural to look straight ahead, eye open with a finger coming toward it--just ask Duke Boy.  Could be an eye doctor trip today...

Life is so rich it doesn't have to be made up.  Peaceful Friday.

Duke Boy with BW

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