Friday, July 17, 2015

Command performance


 Life in the "right back" room.  This room is a gated community and can keep boys safely for a few minutes while this Sughar has to potty.  This didn't happen on my watch!

Letting the sprinkler do my job tonight.  Taking time to catch up on my writing.  Fishermen speeding back up the river to enjoy their catch or swap lies?  Porch is just tolerable from this day of near 100s.  Birds and tree frogs happy with my sprinkler.  Hope the plants will express their gratitude by morning.  Currently it’s a sad droopy display. 

Many of you have asked how I’m liking retirement.  I’m fairing much better than my plants.  Most of the hemisphere knows I have twin grandsons—16 months old.  Finally got their superman capes finished.  Velcro and 4th of July T shirts.  Super easy.  Thanks to idea of Mumpsey in Birmingham. She has a year of experience on me in the grand mothering world.  Not sure if twins count double like going to church twice on Sunday?   Back to capes.  Boys don theirs and prance around the room to the Superman theme.  They can even hum some of it now.  We are trying to learn it on the drum.  #1 Hedgie Boy was pretty impressive with that today in front of friends.  His mom was taking a nap so she will just say, “of Course, he did”, when she reads this.  Hedge #2 can get his cape off unassisted.  I’m happy to say he still has eyebrows.  His favorite part of cape wearing is sucking on the Velcro.  Or so it seems.  I wish I could get in these little heads some days.  I could only hope to discover they adore me half as much as I do them.

Paw has become “go Duke”.  They learned to say this during the NCAA tournament, which Duke won.  That’s for those of you who haven’t seen DukeBoy recently.  Now when they see their Paw he is often “go Duke”.  The Duke hats in their Easter Basket reinforced this cuteness.  If it’s possible that Paw could be more smitten than me with these boys then I’d say he is. 

They love our porch as much as we do.  There are many hidey holes and lots of toys to keep them interested.  When it’s not too hot most of our meals are here. Little BW loves this because the boys throw food from their chairs.  It’s great to not have to vacuum.  She’s not a fan of fried okra though as evidently the boys aren’t either some days…sweeping.  Otherwise the ants, that are smaller than the grains of rice that the New Testament gets written on, come for a visit.  I picked up what I thought was a large crumb from the porch tablecloth.  It was 1, 000, 000 ants.  Those buggers bite too especially if you interrupt their meal time. 

Renewing friendships has occupied some of my retired time. It’s great to have time to visit and not have to worry about what work I need to catch up on.   I’ve also taken up something rather bizarre.  Are you sitting?  I’m cooking some.  I know…hard to believe???  Kind of fun. 

Peace to all of you from the banks of the Hooch. Special prayers for those facing losses of loved ones.

Karen Erwin-Brown is a stay-at-home Double Sughar to twin grandsons.  She spends her retirement playing, gardening—picking up dead plants—in this heat, and enjoying beating her husband at Canasta.