Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In case you were wondering...

Water filled my shoe yesterday at a well know baby store.  A puddle formed around my feet.  The clerk looked at me in disbelief.  I'd just thanked her for my 15% discount that I'd had to beg for because I couldn't find my coupon.  The boys sat in the stroller, a huge box with a baby gate spilled out--luckily not in liquid form from my buggy. 

I'm sure I'm not the first person to have their water break at this store.  Many pregnant women moved to other lines while the cashier called for a clean up and opened another register.  I apologized for my uncontrollable issue but I was just asked to sign the ticket. 

Good news is that I love wool sox in winter.  Wool sox "wick water" away from your feet.  Those were some wicking sox.  My Sketchers never missed a beat with their rubber soles.  My pants were another story.  People were very understanding as I continued my check out. 

Hedgie Girl didn't give me the number on her account so she could claim the points offered by the store.  She wasn't about to call out her name as identification.  She did quickly sprint to the back while giggling to get a new gallon of "nursery water". 

She told me later that I just stood there while the big broken jug chugged out water on my feet.

Perhaps now that I'm retired things that are unexpected will continue to challenge my brain so that atrophy will be less pronounced.  This is what I'm doing now that I'm retired in case you were wondering....

Saturday, January 10, 2015

More wisdom on napping

Many of you were draw to the "retirement naps" post.  I've always been a napper but I've really tried to step up my game lately.  Perhaps because I end up writing this in the wee hours--actually it's 6:10 AM but I've been up awhile.  Actually the time stamp is on Paris time.  Bless their hearts, they've had quite a crisis there this week. Hoping the upcoming days are more peaceful. 

Part of my Christmas whimsy was using Eiffel tours in my living room with my mini tree.  Don't do a big tree anymore.  Don't be hater.  Get enough of that from my fam.  You know who you are. The towers are continuing in my winter/Valentine's festivity. 

Shout out to all my beautiful friends and relatives with birthdays this month.  Hope you have grand times.  There is a new bakery in West Point, GA.  One of these friends is going to have treat.  Maybe if it's warm enough I can talk Duke Boy into walking there with me today.  I got myself a Fitbit for Christmas.  It needs testing.  It has a calorie tracker too.  Great idea!

Peace to all from the Hooch.  Need to wake up Duke Boy.  I'm joking. I never wake him up on Saturday.  He loves sleeping better than I love napping.  High today 47, hmmm, driving to bakery doesn't give much testing time to Fitbit.  Nothing is perfect.

Here's a sentimental Saturday picture for you.  Remember being able to hold these guys in my lap at the same time.  Still can but it's harder. Hair on Sughar is longer now too. 

Duke Boy just reminded me that he has to go out of town today.  Rats.  Time for a nap.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Retirement naps

Retired and Sugharing a lot.  Lots of fun sitting on boys.  Bless their hearts they've been sick. Ready for them to get well but sickness hasn't hindered activity. 

So cute yesterday with boys riding in their airplanes from me and Paw.  Big brother riding and little brother pushing.  Spontaneous effort from little brother. Adorable. 

Got some good retirement naps in too.  Of course, usually with a brother in my arms. 
cute boys and my cute momma at Christmas

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year from the Hooch

Happy New Year.  Smelling chicken frying, kale soon flashing in the pan, black-eyed peas, cornbread.  Yep, it's New Year's .  watching the Rose Parade. 

Wal-Mart at 8:30 am on New Year's.  Primetime to shop. Don't tell so I can go back next year.  Had to get a new coffee pot.  Thought I'd just forgotten to push the button on the pot yesterday. Nope. Dead. My little Keureg is a life saver.

Sat on boys last night so the Hedgies could catch a movie. They report "Into the Woods" is good. Didn't know it was a musical but Meryl Streep always makes for a good look see.

Duke Boy and I feel loved back from those little fellas.  So precious.

That's the news from the Hooch.  Hope you have a great day and remember ....

ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!