Thursday, February 28, 2013

See ya in a KIA ?

Lovely day--slight chill--clean, serviced car  to ride home in ---thanks to KIA Autosport in Columbus.  Good place to do business.  Did I mention they picked up my car and serviced it while I was working? Felt special. Thanks Alie and Wayne. 
The big hamsters or is it guinea pigs? don't pick up your car--sad but true.

19 hits away from the 5000.  Bob was right.  YOU CAN DO IT!!

New items coming to the booth at Bluffton Antiques and Collectibles this week.  Come have a look see.

Get to see friends this weekend who we missed seeing at Christmas because he was in ICU. 
                                            God is Good. 

Where did you shake salt today? 

Gibbs Garden, Ball Ground, GA 2012
Go and check out the daffodils
Peace from the Valley.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Salt and Miss Sunny days

Rain is a good thing.  People hang out with their computers and are hungry for stuff to read.  If this rain continues I will make it to 5000 hits by the end of the month.  Bring it on!  Tell your friends.  Let's accomplish something BIG in this short month!!!.  You can do it.  Bob told me so. 

Got to finally spend a little time with my Mom over the weekend while attending the ALAMFT annual conference.  She was glad to see me--cupcakes, hugs, music and a clean bed.  Told her she had the best hotel in the town.

ALAMFT connected me with old friends---OLD-- and previous supervisees who are now family therapists.  So cool--especially to see those I supervised who are now supervisors.  May the circle be ....
The great thing about workshops is the name tags--really cuts down on the awkwardness except when they are pinned under a scarf or stuffed in a pocket.  I was able to remember all the names especially those that were at eye level.

Wonderful dinner with Mumpsey and JimPa--guess what they are about to be?? Yep--we did a baby age guessing thing with all the little ones who were sleeping or waving at us while their folks ate Mexican.  JimPa had a picture on his cell of the sonogram of little Baby Hannah's head--amazing.  Hannah, you are already so loved. Mumpsey is the former Miss Sunny from the Gulf Shores Seafood Festival if you are a follower of mine.  Little Hannah will get to dip her toes in the Gulf soon.  She is probably a future "Miss Sunny". Good genes for it. 

Lenten lesson today on "salt".  We are called to be salt.  Bring out the flavor or the best in those around us.  Look for a place to sprinkle that goodness today.  Savor the moment with those who share their day with you.  You might even lower a blood pressure or two.

Laura, my niece in NYC. Love this pix.
Peace and safety for the day.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Footprints on the cross, rainboots in the yard

Crispy outside again this morning.  More rain coming our way.  Whew.  I need me a pair of those cute rain boots.  They'd get a work out around here.

Little BW is restless and wants me to get my yogurt and cereal.  She wants to lick out the leftovers in that little carton.  Just a minute or two more...

The young lovers are planning a Charleston wedding.  I'm excited for them.    I'm also excited to return to Charleston.  I've only been there for an afternoon in 1996 or so.   Work trip where we stopped for a brief break from the car. 

Put my name on a footprint for the cross yesterday at Shawmut UMC.  Saturday night I'd been the cutter outer for all those footprints.  It was neat to watch people leave the altar and make their mark on their footprint .  I literally had a hand in that--fear and wonder--thambeo.  Check out yesterday's blog if your curious and it all seems Greek to you.

Peace from the Valley.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fear and wonder on your journey

Thanks to all of you who've followed me this year and to all my new readers.  This began as an attempt to connect with all those who don't subscribe to newspapers any longer since that's where my writing was happening.  I'm approaching 5000 hits on my page.  Wow.  Y'all never cease to humble me.

New Greek word--"thambeo".  Greek for "astounded".  According to Adam Hamilton in "The Way". When Jesus spoke he was instilling fear and wonder.  The enhanced meaning of "thambeo".  Look for Jesus with fear and wonder today.  It's outside in the cold--need a big coat---morning.  Just picked some hyacinths for my foyer.  Fear and wonder in my front yard.  Where will yours be today??  Where will you see God?

Great visit with the young lovers yesterday.  Such an exciting time of fear and wonder. 

Gotta run--have the nursery today at church--fear and wonder for sure.  No bumps or bruises on my watch combined with play dough mystery muffins.

Peace and frost from the Hooch.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lenten reflections

No snow here.  Chilly.  There was a flock of lost seagulls that flew up the river a little bit ago--or perhaps birds from a recent snow fall.    White and lovely flying by. 

The couple willing to risk loving each other for life meet with Duke Boy today.  They are coming by the house.  I'm excited to see her...many years have me goosebumps and some tear-filled eyes to think about her beautiful mother and silly, funny, sweet daddy in heaven.  I have no clue how that works?  Folks talk about the saints surrounding us.  I prefer that image over my Daddy knowing every thing I do on a daily basis.  Surely, there is peace and you get protected by God's hand from humanness once you are just with Him?  Another question for my list when I have my own personal conversation.

Twin love
Precious children of friend
Too cute not to share

A question I've encouraged parents of children having problems in school to lead with when they do school pick up is "Where did you see God today?"  So much nicer than "you didn't move to red, did you?"  The first question is a conversation starter--we all know where the other leads...

Prayers for all of you today as you journey through the first Saturday of Lent.
 Reading : The Way--Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus   by Adam Hamilton.  Good book for those going on a Holy Land trip or if you just want to take one from your cozy chair--like me.

Peace from the Valley.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Love, love, love

Lovely evening last night with my Valentine.  He outdid himself in the kitchen as always.  Hope you have eaten today because this menu will make you hungry.

Beef tenderloin with brandy sauce
Dill roasted potatoes   Heart of romaine salad
Cheese a la Duke Boy biscuits
Chocolate Mousse

We then watched "Flight".  What an intense movie.  Worth a look see.

Love my Duke Boy!

It's a lovers' weekend here.  A couple from our past life is coming from way out of town to do premarital counseling with Duke Boy.  The young woman is a grown up now from our second church home, East Lake.  Her parents were our friends there but have since died.  Donnie is privileged to be a part of this couples' love story. More to come...

Peace from the Valley. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sunny Valentine's Day to All

Happy Valentine's Day.  My sweetheart sneaked an orchid into the house somehow yesterday?  Lovely purpley color.  The greatest part of this gift is that I mentioned on Sunday that I saw the orchid in Kroger--are you getting the greatest part--he heard me and remember it for several days.  So lovely.  A gift of the heart, a connection, ---should have mentioned the cute pink Mercedes that I noticed in downtown West Point this week--hmmm.  I love my orchid. 

He's also cooking us a yummy Valentine's supper today. I purposefully didn't work late tonight--I also mentioned that earlier in the week.  Perhaps Hedgie Girl and Boy will join us?

No rain this morning.  That is my Valentine from God.  Thank you.  The birds are singing up a --started to type storm--stopped myself---sunny day.   There.

My good looks are attributes of these two folks!

Time to make the doughnuts.  Hope all of you have a moment with someone you love today.  Valentine's are gifts from the heart that come in unexpected places. Got a sweet card from my Mama yesterday.  Thanks Mom even though I know you have a computer to read this.

Some of the folks I love are featured above. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Taking up for Lent

Too quiet. Gladys isn't singing. No rain on my roof. Weird.

Today is Ash Wednesday.  The beginning of Lent. I am "taking up" more time in prayer and reading. Someone said at our women's circle that meant "giving up" time to do other things.  Maybe it's my own bent to excess that likes the other approach. Could be just an excuse to allow myself more time to read. 

Peace to you this Ash Wednesday as we walk to the cross together. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Medicine in laughter

Sing it Gladys, "it was a rainy night in Georgia". Willie is sad because "it's nothing but grey sky coming my way".  I can't help it. Woke up singing--OK--not really but why not?  Etta James hopes everyone was safe during the "stormy weather" last night.  Mitch Miller wants you to  "follow the bouncing ball" and stay with me. Who is old enough to remember that one?  Singing with the TV.  My family did it. 

Duke Boy and I watched Betty White's bawdy celebration of her 91st BD celebration. Many celebs don't live that long.  The ones that came to mind that did  have long lives where comics: Jack Benny at 79 "Modesty is my best quality",  George Burns and Bob Hope were both 100, and Lucille Ball was 78.  Maybe all those studies about laughter are right??  God must have one and I pray that he'll keep it so he won't have to resort to smoting again--Old Testament style. has a Lenten activity involving pictures that sounds like a good one for youth.  Check it out. 

Pray for safety for those experiencing storms today and those who suffered from them yesterday. 

Scripture from on high

Lovely evening beside my fake fireplace.  Rainy outside.  Little BW is pouty and not even attemptng to beg any apple and cheese from me.  She hates any weather except sunshine. She shall never be asked to be a body double for the Groundhog.  She will maintain her spot under the ottoman or in front of the fake fireplace that blows out heat. 

Had a novel experience in worship today.  Duke Boy read scripture from atop a ladder.  I was trembling most of the time since I still haven't paid all the medical bills from my pneumonia.  One of the youth upon hearing the scripture for Sunday asked Duke Boy for a new look at that scripture.  It was about Jesus on the mountain with his disciples trying to stay awake.  We were all awake today. Gotta love that man and the God he serves. I have a picture of this that  Hedgie Girl sent to me to me--it's on my phone--we all know how challenged I am by technology. Wait for it!  ( I was afraid to snap a picture with my phone--"Jack fell down and broke..."

My sweet flowers have brought a lovely scent into my home.  Thank you, God. 
Today's gratitudes : 1) Husband UP for the challenges of ministry to youth and beyond
2) sweet scent of flowers in my home 3) little BW curled at my feet in front of our fake fire.

Hope you will find a spot to walk thru Lent.  The ending is definitely UP.

Peace from the Valley.

Almost forgot --got a great pre-Valentine gift from sweet Hedgie Boy.  Hoda Kotb's new book about people overcoming adversity.  Great snuggle under the cover for my Sunday nap read.  Thanks HB.
Duke Boy and BW

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reclaiming the lost

I'm involved in a reclamation project--my garage. New shelving, new plastic containers, new floor--no wait--same floor just able to see it now.  OK--parts still aren't visible.  Good news--buried treasures.  Wag these treasures back into the house --soon the floor will become invisible there too--bad plan.  Instead I wagged a load to my booth at Bluffton Antiques.  Easter bunnies are ready to greet you there. 

My house is also filled with flowers--daffodils, lilies of the valley, and hyacinths.  Picked while watching the sunset over the river.  Chilly,but lovely.  Afternoons like this tease me into thinking that spring will soon be here. If I thought that was true I'd have picked up all the limbs and sticks in the yard.  Instead I picked up some cushions and headed for a seat to continue enjoying the show.

This week Lent begins.  I love Lent.  Today while putting items in my booth I was talking with a friend about Lent and Easter.   Her child said, "I'm gonna give up baths for Lent."  We got a good laugh out of the that one.  I don't usually "give up" anything for Lent.  I like to "take up" more  intense studying of scripture during Lent by using the book that our church studies. I miss the Lenten study  because I work out of town on Wednesday night but since I live with the preacher if I have questions I have my own theologian available 24/7. I try not to wake him up...much.  Find a place to walk through the 40 days of Lent.  Get ready for the Resurrection. Maybe it can be your reclamation project for the next 40 days.  Who knows what treasures await you?
Beautiful day on the Hooch