Friday, May 11, 2012

Birthing memories

Just turned off the noise in the house so I can hear what my birds are saying about Friday.  The chat must be out there hiding since one of my feathered friends is fussing quite loudly.  Must be time to get the kids out of the nest before Mother's Day.  Mom may need some R&R after all those flights to fill up those big bellys. has a Mom's project going for Mother's Day.  She has a beautiful website with links to some great missions.  I'm supposed to attach her button to this site.  I totally don't know how to do that so this is my effort to get the word out.

I asked my Mom on a recent visit about why she had me via C-section in the wee hours of the morning??  I discoved this tidbit while looking at my birth certificate.  She has no idea because she had no memory of my birth.  I was treated to stories about both of my older siblings births--oh well, this is what happens when you are the third and now middle since I have a little sister too.  Hard to imagine that ole Dr. Parsons who birthed my Mom, and then me would schedule a middle of the night delivery. Maybe he was really into golf by then and saved day times for his own pleasure??  He's no longer around to answer that question for me either.   Oh well, thanks Mom for bringing me into this wonderful life.   Hope Mother's Day is beautiful. 

              My side of the family at my baby's wedding--she is the gorgeous one in the white. 
                                                       My Mom is 5th from the right. 
                                The wedding was on the Hooch in our river garden. 

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