Monday, May 14, 2012

Take time--smell the flowers

Yummy food prepared by Hedgie Boy yesterday.  He also did the lovely table setting.  Fun to visit and be waited on in their lovely, and always interesting home.  Lucy got to put her feet up with me while Hedgie Boy got lunch ready. 

Awaken to birds singing and the end of "Desperate Housewives"  not really--what was in that box???

Duke boy and I made cookie dough for 500 cookies for our Chick-fil-a fundraiser next week.  Hope to make the other half when we get a report on how many sandwiches are sold--goal is 1000.
  Also helped just a tiny bit make the gazpacho for lunch and laugh on Tuesday.  There is a reason that people buy those herbs in jars--what a pain. delicious--sampled at 10 PM. 

BW is curled under her blankie anticipating rough weather.  Hope the worst of it is gone.  Did appreciate all the rain for my flowers.  God's water is so much more nourishing than from the hose--probably a message in that??

Super Monday to you all.  Take time to smell the flowers--I'm headed there now.  My gardenia bush has hit the runway.

Peaceful Monday. 
                                                The Red Garden Tub in the House Garden

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  1. Oh I love the sweet scent of gardenias. I used to pick them from the bush at Granny's and at Mom's. I love to put them in glasses in everyone room possible. I will close my eyes and pretend I'm doing that now :)