Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Brown life

Stopped for big easy Mother's Day gift--hanging baskets for Ms. L.  Rolled down the window to look at the beauty.  All "I really want is>>a tomato plant."  OK. Can do.  Joe says they have a 2 kinds...??and a "Better Boy".  The Pearly Gate man had always raised Better Boys because you get two crops.  She has been a Brown now for 60 years today--no anniversary since her man is inside the Pearly Gates.  Got to hear the story of their courtship at lunch yesterday.  Saw the motel where they honeymooned.  It's vine covered but still standing.  Lots of good years between those two folks--two kids--two more that she claims, 3 grands, 5 greats---one is inside Pearly Gates with the PGMan and another on the way to be with us..   I'm in the Browns for 30 plus years.  I hope to be as proud to tell it as she is when I reach my 60 years as one.

Peace and double crops to all this humid, beautiful Saturday.

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