Friday, August 29, 2014

Roll Tide and other new words

                                                              Roll Tide , here kitty kitty

It's starting this return to the single life of marriage to a fall football fan..  Duke Boy loves Bama football.  Fanatically----to put it mildly.  He also hates the "kitty kitty" put it very mildly. I did watch the last quarter of "The Game" last winter.  That's all I'll say about that other than sad, sad. 

Since we have new family members I'm not sure how football season will go.  It'll be interesting to watch.  I'm guess some first words might have a "Roll Tide" or two in them.  Duke Boy aka Paw will love that.

It'll be fun to be Double Sughar on Saturdays, hint, hint.

Hope all your teams win the weekend and Roll Tide.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day in the life of a town

Still up at 3:30 and the event is over. Probably because I was out by 9:30 last night.

 The Hedgies did a marvelous program for the PI.  Hardly a dry eye in the house.  Humor, love, raw emotion--from Hedgie Boy---Hedgie Girl didn't look at anyone who might squish hers' out.  It's moment like that where you can't beat small town living.  Almost 200 people in the room and most of them connected in some way to our family.  Very loving, supportive audience.

The Double Hedgies were sweet and squishy the whole time.  Baby Hedgie boy #1 did his best to smile but was always glad to have a familiar shoulder to bury his face. Baby H. #2 was his usually hammy self .  Mastery of holding out their arms when asked to come to you achieved this week.  Nearly broke their Momma's heart to see her boys leaning into others but the delight of watching their charm soothing.

Sheriff Sid Burgers were a hit.  So good. Chocolate cake made by Duke Boy and Chatt Girl amazing.  Yes, I helped.  Door prizes were plentiful and very nice.  Table sponsors made the day.  Had lots of good help for prep and clean up from my board and the Naomi group.  Almost forgot--lots of nice donations.  Thanks to all.

Think I'll go back to bed now. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Still up at 4:30 after going to bed at 11.  May climb back in.  Duke Boy up to put final touches on his sermon and organize Bubba's funeral in his head and heart. 

Get to see the Double Hedgie boys today in the nursery. Fun stuff. 

Peace to all from the Hooch. 

Good-bye Bubba

Duke Boy and I made cakes --12 of them done before noon.  One will go to a meal for a family who will bury a beloved man.  I will miss Bubba.  He sat behind me in church almost every Sunday for the last 7 years.  He never failed to smile and tell me how much he enjoyed my singing, or how much he enjoyed worshiping with me, or how nice I looked.  He came to worship and offer kindness.  Cancer moved in quickly.  The Lord will be glad to have another kind soul. Oh, he will also have a piece of hard candy for those who might have a cough in Heaven. Peace at last.

Received some lovely door prizes today from Southern Roots in Newnan, GA. They will be part of the fun on Tuesday during the fundraiser.  All the tables are sold and I only have a couple of seats left.  If you are coming bring some money to donate and to put on some special prizes that you could win by making an extra donation. 

Perhaps sleep will be less restless tonight. 2 more days...
                                           Join us on the Journey

Friday, August 22, 2014

Worry to I wills...

Last weekend before my fundraiser on Tuesday.  My board and family are being their amazing selves and this is going to really come together.  Duke Boy and I will bake cakes at some point today or tomorrow.  Sid, the high sheriff, cooking the burgers.  Table decorating will happen with assistance from the Naomies  and board members.  Program will be lovely with my Hedgie family presenting.  Money will come in to assist with services continuing in the local PI office.  Then blessed non interrupted sleep --no eye popping, brain whirling moments of worry .  Bliss.

My worries are minimal compared to the unrest in Ferguson, Texas, and the Middle East, but they are still mine.  Prayers go to all those who worry this morning no matter the troubles.  God cares and listens regardless of what the world thinks about our worries because that's what love is.  Now leaving soapbox to return to my spot on the Hooch.

Today I will watch the hummingbirds buzz the lantana. I will pet No Name before he puts his claws in my screen. I will water the thirsty pots of sunflowers and daises.  I will have coffee with my friend who didn't want to share her home with yellow jackets last night.  I will let all those pleasures wash over me and clear my mind ....I will, I will, I will....

Peace to all from the Hooch.  Take the ice bucket challenge if you get hot today.

sweet little Hedgies at rest and play

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekend on the Hooch

Lovely Sunday morning on the porch.  Rain--quick hard shower yesterday--put some coolness in the air.  Woke up early after going to bed early--now I need a nap. 

Reading Fanny Flagg's new book, The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion .  Fanny a funny writer and there are enough twists to keep you reading.  I'm also reading Paris. 
It's 800+ pages and more difficult reading.  It was my airplane book for my Key West ride home when my Kindle was out of juice.  I now have one of those little juice sticks.  college girl + juice stick @airport= new smarts for Ms. Hooch.  Good reason to get out of the house--always something new to learn. 

Bobby Laney and his crew came to do some follow up work on my house yesterday. I now have a baby gate on my porch steps.  Hurrah. Just needs a brace--I told them I needed two braces.  Double Hedgies.  Got to play with them on Friday.   Road trip with us to Carroll Farms in Woodbury for peaches then home to the playroom floor.  Hedgie 1 would love to crawl.  He usually waits for Hedgie 2 to figure it out but I think he may be the leader of this new challenge.  Still precious.
 Hedge 2 giving the ok sign to the twin Grandparents

Me and Hedgie 1 practice phhhppphh like a motor boat

Birds are up trying to sing out the sun.  Hoping for a little more rain myself.  God's water needed here.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Counting the wonders

Up alone in the quiet with only the coffee pot and the air conditioner ... house noises.
 Hearing that little noise in my head that I hope is supposed to be there.
 If you don't have one turn off the TV and listen for it
             .... or don't tell anyone about mine.

21 days until the fundraiser.  Tickets sales are moving.  If you still need one then you better call me quick. 

Spent the evening with those little amazing Hedgies last night.  Hedgie 1 is learning to drive.  He's really good with the horn and gear shift.  I was Miss Daisy.  He got a little bummed because it was too big for his mouth.  My favorite part of the visit was the light up eyes and smiles that don't require batteries. Pretty cool. 

Garden news: one big sunflower... I think called Chiati.. is blooming by my front porch. Lovely and happy when I go in and out.  It has siblings that will bloom soon.  Same stalk.  Another cool naturally occurring wonder--no batteries. 
 We are 5 months old.
No batteries  but oh, the light  

Another activity this week.  Look for the wonders with no batteries, gas, electricity...many, many.

1)My fingers moving as I type
2) Colors in the room
3) the taste of good coffee--cheating, I know--I did have to use the electricity on that one
4) texture of the rug on my bare feet
5) my handwriting on the paper next to me--readable--I can recognize it--just recognizing our own is pretty awesome--I love seeing my Dad's .  don't see it as it happens anymore. 

I did not have to leave my seat to get many did you get?

Peace from the Hooch for your day.