Monday, February 1, 2016

Barely February...or how I nearly swam through January

Retired for nearly a year now.  “Time doesn’t fly…it zooms” to quote my older beautiful sister.   She has a January birthday.  People ask me what I do now that I’m retired.  I stop to think…well, play…pick up toys, make cheese sandwiches, dance, sing, laugh, redirect, and laugh, play …yep, that’s about it.  I do read at night.  Not writing as much.  Write cards to friends. 

My bucket list must have a hole in it …learn to play the piano, garden more, go to Paris, singing lessons, have coffee with friends…all those were there.  I’m sure I’ll add more and perhaps do some of those.

  I do “play” in the nursery for English as a Second Language.  On Tuesdays from 10 to 12 at Shawmut UMC in Valley.  Even when we don’t have customers I can to play with my Grandtwins for two hours.  Cool, I know! 

The Naomi group for widows meets the second Thursday evening of each month at 6 PM at Shawmut UMC.  Donnie and I come to support…they really do their own leadership now.   A meal is served and we provide support for those who are recently widowed.  It’s free and open to the public. 

Our house was quite lively during the game for the National Championship.  The loud noises you heard were from our porch.  Donnie was pretty excited to say the least.  Roll Tide. 

We did have a few days were I thought we might get washed downstream with all the December rains.  Always interesting to see flocks of geese swimming where dry land is supposed to be.  Also watching a crane look for fish on our land/water park.  This weekend promises more rain but no snow for us.  Boo.  Would like to play in snow with the boys.  They got new coats and boots for Christmas that need testing.

I’m still cooking.  Seems that most of my Wednesday family concoctions have an Asian flair.  Perhaps I’m just good at stir-fry?  I do like chicken and rice and vegies.  Had a great meal with some new Korean friends.  Glad I spend time in the floor with boys because we sat on the floor for the Korean lunch.  Delicious food and lovely people.  It takes a lot of energy to communicate when the languages are different but well worth the effort.   Can’t imagine their side of it since they have to communicate with almost everyone in English and I just have them.  Their brains must grow weary of the effort. 

It’s now February and I’m still working on this …Had a marvelous day of gardening on Saturday.  Picture perfect weather.  Watched an eagle, two hawks and a bluebird fly over me.  The bluebird sought safety and the woods were strangely while the big birds were about.  Planted some bulbs that I hope will have enough cold to draw flowering strength.

 Great porch visit last night from the boys and their sweet parents.  Warm enough for an impromptu meal out there.   Twins ate their meal from their own small table.  Did I mention they are precious and sweet?  Well, I should have and I did.

Hope all of you venture outside a little on these spring like days.  Know that I’m well, happy and retired. Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts.  Peace from the Hooch. 

This will also appear in the Valley-Times News.