Saturday, May 26, 2012

Auburn wedding rehearsal and Barney Fife

TaDa---post #100--welcome Tunisia and South Africa,that makes 14 countries.  Treated to a fun evening with the happy couple, Katie & Slade, winners of the War Eagle Wedding.  I'm the official driver for the preacher, Duke Boy, who is AKA Bama Boy.  He's known this couple and several of their attendants since 6th grade. Bama Boy wore his Bama class ring and threatened to not sign the marriage license until they kissed it.   The wedding is today and hopefully the weather will be as lovely as last evening.  We were sheltered from the sunset by Samford Hall so I was pleasantly cool while the wedding party frolicked on the lawn practicing for the big event. 

I did sin by longing for, can't spell the other word, (had an Annie Sullivan moment where I became frustrated by needing how to know how to spell the word before you can look it up) the hydrangeas on our walk to the wedding site.  I will have to ask Mr. Frankie, the groom's Dad, and Ponder's Nursery owner, what kind they are.

  Both of these families are so lovely that it was a real pleasure to be part of their evening. During my denial of the aging process I was in the Young Adult Sunday School class where the Bride's dad was my teacher .  We reminisced over the lessons: Springwood School, all Auburn sports, and Jesus--oh and Barney Fife--"You can never say enough about sin." 

My own garden is quite lovely this morning.  Watering, picking blueberries, dead heading day lilies and gardenias, and eating breakfast on the patio made for a relaxing way to start this long Saturday.

Peace to you all.  Congratulations to all.

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