Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Berry nice day

A bird in the bush--after I picked--means 2 whole cups of blueberries in the freezer for me.  Yum, had about a half cup of my cereal.  Saw a place in LA yesterday where we could have stopped to pick berries--hot, hot, and hot are the thoughts that came to mind--it was around noon.  Picked mine in the coolness of the morning with drips of rain still falling off the trees.  Also free.

Duke boy bought me 2 new sprinklers while out doing guy things with the LA Boys.  Eating big breakfasts, shopping in guy junque stores, and watering gardens.  Tried out my new sprinkler last night after Rock Man helped me get the nozzle of the hose.  He babysat BW while we were gone.  She got to sleep on a pile of clean clothes = happy. 

Time to go back to the work-a-day world.  Peace to all.

"God-defiers are always in trouble;
    God-affirmers find themselves loved
     every time they turn around."   Psalm 32: 10  The Message

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