Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lots of feathered friends

Almost time to make the doughnuts. 

Here is my little Duck Dynasty group shot from yesterday. 
Huey, Dewey & Louie
They live in the pond down the street. It's for sale if you need a pond. They probably come with it.

Yesterday just after I finished my fly over comments about my Dad, I had a flyover of about 20 Canadian geese go honking over my house.  I could see them from my writing room window.
 Life on the river is never dull.
Peace to all.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dynasty tributes

I'm hoping all of you will pack up and come to the Memorial Tribute for Mr. T , aka Larry Stephens.  It will be living proof that the story goes on after what we know as earthly life.  I'm sure that Larry has a ring side seat picked out with the Lord for this event .( This seat won't have wheels unless he's already gotten hold of a chariot that someone left unattended. )  Perhaps things won't go exactly as they would if Mr. T were present but the Lord has had an earful before.

My Daddy didn't want a military funeral but my brother went to great lengths to make it happen and the rest of us supported him because Dad was a Medal of Honor recipient and he'd earned it.  The day of the ceremony I have never seen such rain nor had I ever been so cold in my life.  We were in trouble with the Man Upstairs who now sat with the Lord.  When the Honor Guard stepped up to the gravesite with the casket, I just knew they were going to slide in the hole ahead of Dad due to the slippery surface.  Duke Boy was co-leading the interment with the military Chaplain and before the "amen" we heard the planes coming for the fly-over tribute.  I remember jumping out from under the tent to look up and at that moment the clouds, that were nearly touching the ground due to all the rain in them, parted and some light came through so we could see these big planes.  This is difficult to type because of the tears in the eyes--but I just could picture my Dad in that plane looking down and thinking--ok--this was a good thing.  Thanks.(No cheese, real tears.)

I know that the Divine Ms.M., the kids, and Duke Boy will see that Mr. T. is lovingly remembered and honored for a life of service to the United Methodist church, and to a life of Turkey Dynasty.  I'm sure he wishes he'd marketed this part of  his life.  He'd look much better on a t-shirt in his hat than the bearded guys. We then could have all showed up in them for the service.  Actually I'm not sure Mr. T had regrets except not having more time with all those sweet grands.  Keep the stories going so they'll know him. Time for the book, Ms. M.  More tears, no cheese.  Thanks for letting me express my memories of Mr. T. 

My front garden had it's own little Duck Dynasty--Hooch style this morning.  My pix didn't upload.  Had 3 visitors with feathers who waddled up to check out the grounds.  Fed them some bread--is that bad?  Made Double N jealous since I don't feed him.
they both wear hats well, don't you think?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Grins from the Hooch. Gifts from the Heavens

This article will appear in the Valley Times News this week.

Stolen from their Nana.  Too adorable. 

So what’s made you smile this week?  Yesterday evening I was headed next door to greet my new neighbors with a warm loaf of zucchini bread from Duke Boy, and shazamm---a double rainbow.  I suspect it was due to a dear friend who went to heaven on Friday night.  I’m pretty sure it was his doing.  He was probably put in charge of the rainbow section because that rainbow was just the type of over-the-top extravaganza that he would pull. His memorial service is Sunday and I’m deciding if I need to take my tambourine for the anthem.  It’s going to be a volunteer choir singing of “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder”. Mr. Larry is the reason that I once carried it to church regularly.  His vision and that of several others of the Lanett UMC to have a contemporary worship service started my tambourine career.  I loved sharing a mic with Ms. Margaret, his bride, all the while singing Christian lyrics to old Beatle tunes.  My job was as a do wop girl with a funky beat.  I know I drove the musicians crazy, notice I never claimed to be a musician.  Other than the CD player that’s the only musical instrument I know how to play.  I’m pretty sure that Jesus was happy to see Larry since that meant he could turn “parable telling” over to new guy, he’s also glad that Larry’s there to lead the Bama cheering squad since the Auburn folks were hassling him all last season to help them out. Take some time this week to send up a prayer for his earthly family and friends who miss the ole turkey hunter.
My lips are sealed on what we were laughing about. We are in the room where I debuted my tambourine.

What made you smile?  Did you see the camel on TV for hump day? Very cute.  What about hummingbirds? My yard is all a buzz with them.  How do you not smile at one of them?  Double N at my backdoor every morning helping with blueberry picking makes me grin. I do have him trained almost or maybe he has me trained to let him get down the steps first so I don’t have give Dr. Martin a visit before beginning my work day.  Did I mention fresh blueberries on my cereal? If I could just teach Double N to pick them.  Hmm?  Wait for that one on YouTube. Cutting hydrangeas for my Sunday lunch table reminds me of my Grandmother.  Smile.  Seeing a little girl bring a doll to church today.  Not a video game.  Hurrah. Lunch with the Hedgie folks. Upcoming graduations for both of them—double grins.
                                                    My favorite grads
                                                   One of my favorite grins

Remember you have the opportunity to bring smiles to folks in this community who need some help to make counseling more affordable. Buy a ticket and attend the annual fundraiser for the Pastoral Institute on Tuesday, August 27 at noon at the West Point United Methodist Church.  We might even stand on our feet to get you to laugh—notice I didn’t say heads. It’s not too late to get a table for a group. It’s also never too late to donate if you can’t attend. Guaranteed smile from me.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Mansion has window units

Mr. T and his lovely bride, the divine Ms. M

While I was writing last night Mr. T was holding court with His Heavenly Father.  God didn't sleep as well last night because Mr. T had just one more story and it was just too captivating to miss. On the other hand...Wild Turkeys in Alabama and probably in the southeast are dancing from the first time in awhile to Turkey in the Straw--Turkey in the road, Turkey in the treetop, and every other turkey hiding spot that ever was.  I'm sure  Mr. T got an entire mansion and there is now a window unit a/c in every room. Lots of eye rolling from St. Peter and the 1,000,000,000 movers with no truck. 
  Red and Glover are happy to welcome another Bama fanatic! 
                                           Roll Tide! 
 I'm sure God will be convinced that another National Championship for all Tide fans will be a good thing just so He can get some sleep again.

Joseph, the guy with  Amazing Coat, has posted playbills all over Heaven regarding the upcoming Storytelling Face Off.  Get ready Kathryn Tucker Windham. Mr. T has arrived.

We love you Mr. T. and Ms. M.

Lots of Carpents

Mr. T made it to his earthly home. So glad. Know that was a goal.  Hope all is well.
 Praying for peace.

Trying to keep my sanity during a remodeling project.  It's amazing how things can captivate when trying to restore a little order to the chaos.  Ex.  Cleaned out a junk drawer tonite and now I have a junk basket--wow!  Don't scoff at me.  You know you do that.  You know you are going to need all those nails that were obviously mating in that dark drawer.  Not to mention birthday candles, rulers, pens, thumb tacks, rubber bands, fuses, 10 different kinds of tiny screwdrivers that are never on vacation with you when your glasses lose a screw, carpenters pencils--who carpents at this house???

Needless to say I am exhausted and need to go to bed even though I've already had two naps since supper. Dreaming about what my new bathroom is going to look like is tiring.  And everyone knows the best dreaming takes place when the eyelids are SHUT!

Duke Boy doesn't do well with an unorderly house.  Probably why he doesn't carpent. No need for those eraser less pencils.  Spell check is very distracting.  Duke Boy is ready to put everything back in place. 

We do have a great new bathroom--not exactly new.  Our downstairs hall bath now has a door that swings out--we have lived in this house for 13 years.  Hello--why did we wait so long for this simple space creator?? No carpents . When I came home two nights this week my first view wasn't of the toilet with the lid up.  It was of a closed door.  Now when I take a moment there I don't have to worry that my teeth will get knocked out by the door knob if Duke Boy is in a hurry and I didn't lock the door.  Who locks the door in the bathroom when it's just the two of you.  When your child lives a mile away you don't have to worry that she is going to join you in the bathroom.  I actually miss those inseparable moments.  Ok, only when I'm really needing a good cry.  I no longer have to worry after a family gathering that I need to check that room for trapped relatives before saying good night. 

Ok shut eye. No carpents in the house. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Saying good-bye to Mr. T

Prayers go up tonight for friends watching someone they love --we love--struggle with the end of life as we know it.  Plans are for him to be home one way or the other. Mr. Turkey Lurkey is a storyteller who was telling them last Friday during a visit in hospital room.  He kept us entertained and engaged even as he struggled to breathe using his oxygen.  His sermons during his hay days never ceased to captivate and surprise.  A memory of a fellow football player jumping over a bush and leaving the stadium stays in my mind --I heard it more than  10 years ago.  Mr. T.  did the Hedgies wedding on the hottest October day ever.  It was good to spend that day with them and also enjoy the day at his daughter's wedding where he was her Daddy down the aisle and after a quick change the pastor tying the knot.  You live in our hearts Mr. T and we know the Heavenly Father will enjoy the gift of your presence when you are ready to join him. 

A salute from Duke Boy to Mr. T.  Bow tie on the big day.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Oh Deer!!!!

House quiet. Birds singing. Coffee good. God watered for me last night. 

Well, the ones still with me.  Went out of town Friday. Came back Saturday night.  Walked around my back garden Sunday morning.  Whoa--where are my Hostas?  My beautiful pot of Caladiums--spp?? i before u except after deer?  Wait 2 beautiful pots of Caladiums . What? no Airplane plants or pots of wild violets tediously collected by Duke Boy before spraying our pea gravel in the spring. 

No deer here since the flood of 2003.  Prior to that nothing much for them to eat.  It's sun up now but I'm afraid to look out. What if all my beautiful hydrangeas are gone?  Time to get the Liquid Fence.

Double N was no help with this intruder.  He probably walked around with her rubbing all 4 of her legs.   Rock Man says it was a doe, he saw her outside his fence--IN Between our yards--didn't think to shoo her away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hostas don't like me away but I didn't plan for them to leave me so suddenly.
 Life lessons in the garden. 

Praying for Dear  Friends, not the 4 legged type, who are struggling with life and death.
You are on my heart. 
Last memories of my patio garden--Hostas WERE directly behind this pot.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Old to New Again

Said good-bye to two family members this week.  One was with us for 27 years which in couch years is 200,013.  He moved with us from Birmingham to Talladega to Auburn to storage to the Hooch.  His golden years were spent in two different rooms in this Hooch house.

 His infancy and that of Hedgie Girl, he lived in the den in our parsonage at East Lake UMC.  Duke Boy reminded me we all slept on him in front of the fireplace during the blizzard that caused a power outage. Sofa beds are never that great so I can't say I have many happy pull out couch memories. He was great couch for snuggling with Duke Boy and BW.

 We purchased Old Blue with monies from a gift we received after serving the Pell City UMC for 4 years. They loved us and we loved them.  My Sunday School class had so many pregnant women that everyone was afraid to drink out of the church water fountain. Our class was a the most fun I ever remember having in Sunday School.  It was hard to go the next appointment.

 East Lake was a good fit too.  That was were Blue lived in our den. He got to see Hedge Girl when she'd have to sit a time out in the chair located near him.

 Old Blue loved Talladega and enjoyed the company of many a Presbyterian Home friend, and our count em, 3 dogs. There was also a plethora of little girls from the neighborhood who graced our home daily and Blue loved them too.

Our move to Auburn put Blue in a huge room.  The biggest of his life.  His favorite memories are of the fireplace and visits with our great nephew, now teen Donny, who lived around the block.  His parents came to supper once a week before and after his birth and it was fun to see him grow.    Blue had the privilege of  seating my Dad during one of his last Christmas parties with the family in 1999. 

Blue was pretty lonely when he spent a few weeks in storage before the purchase of the Hooch house.
He was delighted to discover he could see the Hooch from his living room window perch. Of course, he got the shakes on at least two occasions when the Hooch threatened to invade his cozy, dry domain. 

His final years with us were probably some of his greatest supporting roles.  Duke Boy often joined him for a nap or a place to get back to sleep after sermonizing in his head all night. BW is wandering around searching for her sleeping buddy while I'm writing this.  She is confused as to his whereabouts.  She is 10 and he's been here all her life up until Tuesday night. 

That night two strong men showed up to carry him to the home of blind man who'd been sleeping on a pallet on the floor.  I wish I could take credit for the move.  I just called a lady who I knew who knew people.  It's a Velveteen Couch story that he went to live with someone who couldn't see how his eyes had been loved off over the years.  Hopefully they will love him as much as we did and they will have many years of story telling in his super golden years.

Old Blue

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Nearly floating on the Hooch

Muddy, muddy Hooch today.  Rivaling the Mississippi.  Not as wide at my view though.  Currently rain isn't falling from the sky--I'm almost afraid to type that.  Squishy beneath the flip flops.

Double N is all lovely dovey and  innocent looking this morning as he runs between my legs for some companionship without getting feathers in his mouth.
scene of the Friday's crime

Such fun to be with Mumpsy and Jim Pop despite the torrential rain as we made the JOURNEY to Opelika/Auburn yesterday.  Jim Pop was on a mission to find a doll for the future Miss Sunny.  You can't spend the night in this home without being influenced by the doll mania of Hedgie Girl.  Jim Pop had some lessons on baby dolls while he was here.  Our selection was limited but finally Fisher Price came through with a soft snuggley brown haired baby doll just right for a little gift for a little sweetheart. She will never know that we nearly drowned to find such a treasure.

Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger in Auburn was a great place to hide from the deluge of rain. Hannah, our server, was cute, friendly,  and efficient.  The food was yummy.  I had a Birthday Cake shake, a 1/2, that didn't disappoint.  A friendly stranger helped me with my camera phone on the pix of Jim Pop and Mumpsy. 

Peace, Joy, go to church, call your Momma, have a great day.  Sitting on the Hooch, and at Shawmut UMC.  Will call the Pastoral Institute in Valley home tomorrow. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Angry Birds on the Hooch

Double N got my newest baby bird. The poor unfortunate Soul was living in my cable connector box with his 2 industrious feathered parents.   I'd witnessed their parental vigilance earlier in the week while conversing on my cell in my car .  Several times they flew by my windshield and gave  angry bird looks as to my presence in THEIR yard or air space. Double N was told to scat several times when he'd parked himself underneath the car listening  for the chirps signaling the launch of the fledglings.

  When I arrived home last evening all that was left for these proud parents was another sidewalk gift for me.  I know this is what cats do but it doesn't mean I have to like it.  I didn't pet him,I fussed but I didn't turn the hose on him while I was cleaning the sidewalk.  I DID think about it. 

Surely, there's a better way to do these launchings.  This little Soul has announced his presence with loud chirping for days now.  Perhaps the sad parents delivered a safety lecture to his sibs if there are any. 

On a happier note--a friendship that has survived since 3rd grade with Ms. Sunny was celebrated yesterday with a post 4th visit.  She and Jim Pop arrived looking like the Clampetts with furniture for my booth at Bluffton Antiques in Lanett.  Mumpsy and Jim Pop shared great stories about little future Miss Sunny.  Duke Boy and I are going to give them some schooling on dolls today. They raised a boy so they are out of their element.

Hopefully lessons are learned in the bird world--loud chirps are emitting from my cable box. 

Peace for the day to all God's creatures.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thanks for freedom, Dad.

Sad and mad. I had my best post ever. is now in the Twilight Zone.  I even saved it. 

The Power and the Glory by Life a magazine about the US military.
On page 56 it has a story about my Dad, Henry Erwin, a Medal of Honor recipient.
You can find this at Lowe's provided my sister hasn't already been there and bought all the copies.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Day

Birthday hats off to my little sister today.  She is 50!.  She looks and feels great and is ready to head for 100.  Still remember the day she was born.  My Dad burned the toast.  Not surprising since cooking wasn't his first skill.  I was ten and that was the first time that I ever saw him cook.  After that we hustled off to the hospital where I wasn't allow to see my new sister or my Mom.  A nurse yelled at us that I was too young to be on the ward when I did the blend into the crowd technique to gain access to my Mom's room.  Times have definitely changed. 

Hope you all have a great Monday.  I'm hoping for a healthier week.

Peace to all.

Happy Birthdays and the 4th

Had a trip south to LA to celebrate my Mom and my sister's birthday.  I won't give any ages except to say that 50 years ago tomorrow that little Bette was Big Betty's 37 year old Birthday present.
I blew kisses to all because I've got some kind of crud that I'm treating with an antibiotic. Today I'm feeling like I may live. Yesterday that was questionable???
 Little Bette with Momma Betty
                Fort Sumter flag from our Charleston trip in April .
                                                                       Time to celebrate the 4th.

Train whistle and crickets through the open window that Duke Boy wanted to shut so I wouldn't cool the whole back yard.  Gotta listen to that high pitched something in the yard that is louder than the train clacking by. 

Hope everyone is planning a way to stay cool and watermeloned on the 4th.  Watermelon and tomato cut up in the bowl together with salt are delicious.  You don't have to do any of that fancy "Chopped" dressing or cheese. Had it for breakfast last week.