Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cold night of sleep

Very affirming yesterday to have 120 people come to Business by the Book at WPUMC where I was the speaker.  The free meal was a big draw so I'm thinking maybe half came to hear me. Thanks to all who did--even those of you just there for the lunch. :)

Unbelievable to me that it's Wednesday again.

 Slept in an air conditioned room last night--just too hot. Felt good to hunkered down under the wedding ring quilt.  Crazy.

Time to get out and water and speak to my flowers.
 The red bird tub was tipped with a "present" in it when I got home last night.  Not sure if it was a statement or just what relaxed birds do.

Peace from the Valley.

I am glad that in the springtime of life there were those who planted flowers of love in my heart.
  Robert Louis Stevenson

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