Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

Easter eve.  If tomorrow is more beautiful my heart may burst.

Of course, this is assuming I'll get out of bed tomorrow.  10,000 steps on my Fitbit . Most of them from bending, twisting, toting and planting in my garden.  What a day to be on the Hooch.  Zero humidity...or at least it felt that way. Remember social work school. Not weather school or whatever the name of that profession is??  Visited Ponders' nursery yesterday.  Good thing I have 2 car seats in my back seat now or I'd still be digging.

Ok my big news is that I'm Sughar to three boys now.  So fun to have a snuggly baby to go with those two barely sit in your lap three- year- olds.  He is a good gas stations have been robbed, however, he only sleeps for about four hours which is pretty amazing for someone barely seven weeks old.  His brothers love him and he definitely knows when they're in the room.

Our non-flash light egg hunt with the cousins was fun.  Daylight savings time makes sunset very difficult to wait for when you are 3 and can see some of the eggs from the porch.  Sughar declared the sunset on the Hooch and time to hunt! It was my party and we can hunt if I want to! It was a good call to hunt and not wait.  Swinging with our neon glowing bracelets was more fun then carrying a flashlight and a basket and running at full tilt trying to avoid other 3 year olds.  Our cousins helped make the evening lots of fun and a sugar high was had by all.  60+ eggs later. 

T-ball, thanks to Duffey's Pest Control, is who-lare-re-us. Most of the kids on the Pirates are 3. So funny seeing them decide which way they're gonna run when they FINALLY hit the ball.  Some of them run to the infield to retrieve the ball Finally hit.  Sometimes they are the only one that has noticed it was Finally hit.  Dirt in the in-field is fascinating to 3-year-olds. 

Retired life is still good.  Lots of time to play with all 3 boys.  Sleep, read and now garden again.

Happy Easter to all of you. Prayers for peace.