Saturday, September 27, 2014

Happy days

Wonder what I was doing 29 years ago today?  Having my beautiful daughter.  Today got to spend time with her family.  She is a bundle of joyful energy with her twins.  So proud of her.  Amazing the skill, and organization she has with the boys.  They love her so much and she is who-larry-us with them.


She is married to an amazing fellow too.  Fun birthday on the porch. 

Peace to all from the Hooch.  Happy Birthday Hedgie Girl.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunday on the Hooch

Twilight on the porch--so lovely and cool.  Finally weeded a flower bed tonight.  One can only watch TV for so long without mind mush happening.  Waited till the sun started going wayyyyy behind the house then hit the front natural areas---jungle like natural.  Worst part was iris--all cut back now--room for the daffodil bed. Tomorrow maybe Cro-Magnon day--you know--look at your toenails and drag the knuckles. Still managed to do moderate glistening even though the evening was pleasant.  No Name joined me.  Resting up for a night of hunting.

Giggles all around from the Hambones

Shawmut UMC had Invite a Friend day.  Good to meet some new folks and see old faces. Hedgie #2 sat on my lap and sang with me.  He was precious .  His brother was behind me with his dad and almost cousin, Grayson.  Such fun to see kids in worship.  Hedgie #2 didn't miss a thing. He doesn't meet strangers.  He even served as greeter today.  along with his brother of course.  Great ice breakers for newcomers. Kingdom of God, grace-filled day. The preaching was good enough to make the Duke grads sermon book--when that one goes to press. 

Birthday party for Andy today.  His sister and parents threw a great party with a baseball theme.  Great excuse to eat cake.  and ice cream and cookies and cream kisses...and... as my Momma would say, "you don't have to tell everything".  thanks Mom.  Andy is 34 and battling cancer. Lots of family and friends came to offer their love and support.  Prayers for Andy please.

Roll Tide to all of you.  Peace from the Hooch. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Daffodils, coolness and hugs

Put on the jacket to take the dog out--and not just because your pjs would shock the neighbors...Coolness...lovely sit on the porch--drink coffee, read Sermons from the Duke Chapel---Duke Boy's not in there Yet, have some more coffee and blog a little..

Gotta go sit on the boys in a bit--hurrah--Little Hedgie #1 may crawl today!!!  Hedgie #2 can almost sit up alone.  Doctor says twins were all crowded in the womb so sometimes things aren't as quick plus they were 3 weeks early.  Soon we will wonder why we encouraged them from being huggable lap babies.  Hedgie 2 already does a great strong wiggle for the floor when he is fighting sleep.  He reminds me of his mother who never slept without a fight until she was 2.  Helped me develop my biceps.

Flowers a little happier with the showers and coolness.   Hydrangeas actually putting on new leaves.  Bought me birthday present from Duke Boy.  Bag of 50 daffodil bulbs--now he has to dig a large daffodil hole--going to spread them in one pit in the natural area in front garden. Hoping for a magnificent display there next spring.  Love tulips but so do other critters.  Plus I don't have much luck with them after a year or two.  I have daffodils that were here when we moved in in 2000.

Wonderful, cool crisp mornings and nights to all of you.  Enjoy the day. 

Peace from the Hooch.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Home on the Hooch again

Lovely night on the Hooch. Cool breeze, birds and crickets, whirring of ceiling fan.   God watered my garden all weekend while I was in LA.  Duke Boy is a great guy but he hates to water  flowers--   Hole digging, hauling dirt and enjoying are his contributions.  I get to keep them alive once they're planted.  Not complaining.  I hate digging red Georgia clay.

Great weekend with my Mom, sister's family, our boys and Hedgie Girl. Mom out shopped us all.
She and the boys had a blast together.  They are such cards--kept us all laughing. 

Lions, tiggers and bears--oh my...

6 months old--unbelievable.

Go by Bluffton Antiques and tell them I sent you.  There are some great spaces for rent now.  We need some new people to share their wares with the valley.  People there are friendly and helpful and are glad to help sell your treasures. Come give it a try--rent a booth. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Blogging, piano playing and thank you notes

Changed my blogging spot to pump up the inspiration. Little tip from "O" magazine article.
 Yard much greener from here. Love my oak tree.  That's the Hooch in the distance. 

One day I will take a blogging class.  I will also take piano. Ms. Bobbie Abercrombie played the organ at a funeral for Mr. Jack last Friday.  This created the urgency for piano lessons again.  She teaches.  I tried to learn in elementary school.  I went to lessons--once--I was too embarrassed to return once I learned you had to pay.  I didn't tell my Mother about that experience until I was an adult--perhaps only last year.  She would have paid had she known--she said.  Oh well... instead I sent Hedgie Girl.  She took for a few years but wasn't ever a fan.
I did return to counted cross stitch this week--ok for 1 night--a Santa picture with a bazillion Santas that I need to finish.
  Hedgie Girl and I bought some quilt squares for her Maw-Maw and I to cross stitch. 
 Perhaps that will happen??
This was me going to work last Tuesday for the fundraiser.  So glad that's over.

 Now I just have to write a bazillion thank you notes. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Non Laboring today and tomorrow

Sunday nap with Double Hedgies.  Such fun to wake up with them. Little Hedgie #2 is  a non stop babbler.  So cute. Hedgie Brother #1 is quieter with plenty of smiles and cuddles. Crawling may happen this week.  Hedgie Brother # 1 can get wherever he wants but he needs a back up signal because he only goes places in reverse. 

Good to catch up on some relaxation since fundraising endeavors are over.

Happy Labor Day.