Friday, September 4, 2015

Grateful for small town grandliving

I do love small town life.  DukeBoy and I are walking pretty regularly now and he's taken me to many places I've never been.  Some I won't return to without my protector with his cane aka dog stick.  This girl isn't a fan of large dogs--two dog bites--under my belt so to speak--the backside of it. 
So far we haven't encountered anybody who wanted to chase us, unless you count a Jack Russell puppy and a baby kitten.  Not scary.

DukeBoy loves to take me uphill--think it's so I'll shut up because I can't talk...hmm...

Good people in this town too.  Good encounter with Officer Robinson in West Point. He didn't give me a ticket after disagreeing with him about my seatbelt usage.  I'm a fanatic seatbelt wearer but I do occasionally need to pull it off my chest on a hot day--this evidently looks a lot like fastening to a police officer who is doing checks from hidden streets. I was glad to not have to see the inside of the WP jail.  We were both very polite. I've written gratitude notes to Officer Robinson and to the Chief of Police about my experience.

Another great encounter at the Valley Wal-Mart with Shay and Ron.  Both were at the checkout counters.  Shay invited me to her register for check out.  Ron immediately stepped over from his unoccupied register and began to scan the large items in my buggy so I wouldn't have to put them on the belt.  Shared with them how impressed I was with their service. It was the first time I'd ever had that experience with buggy service at Wal-Mart. They were quite friendly and jolly.  Both were fit and trim--I know we normally equate jolly with Santa-sized people. Time to work on my gratitude notes for them.

Life with Hedgies continues being amazing.  They are very smart, loving, and energetic. Both crawled in my lap frequently yesterday while we were playing.  Today is their 18 month birthday . 

Having fun with cooking.  Hedgie Girl and I are cooking together on Wednesdays now while the boys have their afternoon nap or no nap in the cribs. We are 3 for 3 on successful dinners.  1 Pioneer Woman chicken enchiladas,  2 Southern Livings: Mushroom Stroganoff and a Pork Stir-fry. Time to open the restaurant...that may have to come when the boys are old enough to bus tables.  They are learning to pick up toys so maybe that won't be too far off. 

Here we are playing with "My Buddy" from Hedgie Girl's doll playing days.  They are fascinated for about 5 minutes with the moveable eyes.  Adult- sized Hedgie Boy thinks this looks like "Chuckie" so it's not allowed at his house. 

Share with folks your notes of gratitude.  Look for places to be grateful this week.  Notice the good stuff.