Saturday, January 26, 2013

Not afraid of the plague unless it's locust

Don't give up on me.  I'm still trying to shake this pneumonia.  Last drug also helps with plague and anthrax.  I'm covered for any new events this week. 

I just have one Christmas wreath to take down.  My morning thought was to spray paint the gourds on the front porch red for Valentine's.  They were gold for Christmas.  My golden pumpkin is still in my pot out front.  Boxwood is deader than a dump truck load of door nails.  What is that expression about? Just looked up--some say--hammered that nail in so hard that the head is completely flat--very hard to remove.
I am so glad if this is what you've learned for the day.

Anyhow--we will see what the day holds around here.  My energy comes in waves--tsunami like.  Good to be near a bed when this occurs.  Still using my nebulizer.  I tried blowing smoke rings out of boredom.  Pretty cool.  Kinda like the caterpillar in Alice and Wonderland.  Definitely feels like a rabbit hole at times.

This post is born of lack of sleep. 

On a better note--my yard is filling with daffodil shoots--hope they'll keep their heads down awhile but some already have buds.  My neighbor's tulip tree is filled with buds.  Very sad.  I need to go cut a branch to force in the house.  Did that one year and it was beautiful since his tree usually is killed by the cold.

I'm learning useful French phrases from a calendar for 2013.  There was a really good one last week.  Something about "it's behind the television".  So useful--the only thing behind my TV is dust and cables. 

Peace from the Valley with plague protection.
I'm wearing this when I go out to keep germs away. Look for me in the Valley. Also works on robbers.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Having the flu and pneumonia means there's a huge disconnect between your brain and your fingers.  Since it just took me several tries to get that sentence completed I believe this shall be a short post.  I will try to say something uplifting like take your anti biotics so your body can heal. 

Ok, I quit.  Too hard.  Need something less taxing.  Sleep may be the ticket. 

Peace to all.  Stay well.