Sunday, July 7, 2013

Nearly floating on the Hooch

Muddy, muddy Hooch today.  Rivaling the Mississippi.  Not as wide at my view though.  Currently rain isn't falling from the sky--I'm almost afraid to type that.  Squishy beneath the flip flops.

Double N is all lovely dovey and  innocent looking this morning as he runs between my legs for some companionship without getting feathers in his mouth.
scene of the Friday's crime

Such fun to be with Mumpsy and Jim Pop despite the torrential rain as we made the JOURNEY to Opelika/Auburn yesterday.  Jim Pop was on a mission to find a doll for the future Miss Sunny.  You can't spend the night in this home without being influenced by the doll mania of Hedgie Girl.  Jim Pop had some lessons on baby dolls while he was here.  Our selection was limited but finally Fisher Price came through with a soft snuggley brown haired baby doll just right for a little gift for a little sweetheart. She will never know that we nearly drowned to find such a treasure.

Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger in Auburn was a great place to hide from the deluge of rain. Hannah, our server, was cute, friendly,  and efficient.  The food was yummy.  I had a Birthday Cake shake, a 1/2, that didn't disappoint.  A friendly stranger helped me with my camera phone on the pix of Jim Pop and Mumpsy. 

Peace, Joy, go to church, call your Momma, have a great day.  Sitting on the Hooch, and at Shawmut UMC.  Will call the Pastoral Institute in Valley home tomorrow. 

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