Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lots of Carpents

Mr. T made it to his earthly home. So glad. Know that was a goal.  Hope all is well.
 Praying for peace.

Trying to keep my sanity during a remodeling project.  It's amazing how things can captivate when trying to restore a little order to the chaos.  Ex.  Cleaned out a junk drawer tonite and now I have a junk basket--wow!  Don't scoff at me.  You know you do that.  You know you are going to need all those nails that were obviously mating in that dark drawer.  Not to mention birthday candles, rulers, pens, thumb tacks, rubber bands, fuses, 10 different kinds of tiny screwdrivers that are never on vacation with you when your glasses lose a screw, carpenters pencils--who carpents at this house???

Needless to say I am exhausted and need to go to bed even though I've already had two naps since supper. Dreaming about what my new bathroom is going to look like is tiring.  And everyone knows the best dreaming takes place when the eyelids are SHUT!

Duke Boy doesn't do well with an unorderly house.  Probably why he doesn't carpent. No need for those eraser less pencils.  Spell check is very distracting.  Duke Boy is ready to put everything back in place. 

We do have a great new bathroom--not exactly new.  Our downstairs hall bath now has a door that swings out--we have lived in this house for 13 years.  Hello--why did we wait so long for this simple space creator?? No carpents . When I came home two nights this week my first view wasn't of the toilet with the lid up.  It was of a closed door.  Now when I take a moment there I don't have to worry that my teeth will get knocked out by the door knob if Duke Boy is in a hurry and I didn't lock the door.  Who locks the door in the bathroom when it's just the two of you.  When your child lives a mile away you don't have to worry that she is going to join you in the bathroom.  I actually miss those inseparable moments.  Ok, only when I'm really needing a good cry.  I no longer have to worry after a family gathering that I need to check that room for trapped relatives before saying good night. 

Ok shut eye. No carpents in the house. 

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