Friday, July 12, 2013

Old to New Again

Said good-bye to two family members this week.  One was with us for 27 years which in couch years is 200,013.  He moved with us from Birmingham to Talladega to Auburn to storage to the Hooch.  His golden years were spent in two different rooms in this Hooch house.

 His infancy and that of Hedgie Girl, he lived in the den in our parsonage at East Lake UMC.  Duke Boy reminded me we all slept on him in front of the fireplace during the blizzard that caused a power outage. Sofa beds are never that great so I can't say I have many happy pull out couch memories. He was great couch for snuggling with Duke Boy and BW.

 We purchased Old Blue with monies from a gift we received after serving the Pell City UMC for 4 years. They loved us and we loved them.  My Sunday School class had so many pregnant women that everyone was afraid to drink out of the church water fountain. Our class was a the most fun I ever remember having in Sunday School.  It was hard to go the next appointment.

 East Lake was a good fit too.  That was were Blue lived in our den. He got to see Hedge Girl when she'd have to sit a time out in the chair located near him.

 Old Blue loved Talladega and enjoyed the company of many a Presbyterian Home friend, and our count em, 3 dogs. There was also a plethora of little girls from the neighborhood who graced our home daily and Blue loved them too.

Our move to Auburn put Blue in a huge room.  The biggest of his life.  His favorite memories are of the fireplace and visits with our great nephew, now teen Donny, who lived around the block.  His parents came to supper once a week before and after his birth and it was fun to see him grow.    Blue had the privilege of  seating my Dad during one of his last Christmas parties with the family in 1999. 

Blue was pretty lonely when he spent a few weeks in storage before the purchase of the Hooch house.
He was delighted to discover he could see the Hooch from his living room window perch. Of course, he got the shakes on at least two occasions when the Hooch threatened to invade his cozy, dry domain. 

His final years with us were probably some of his greatest supporting roles.  Duke Boy often joined him for a nap or a place to get back to sleep after sermonizing in his head all night. BW is wandering around searching for her sleeping buddy while I'm writing this.  She is confused as to his whereabouts.  She is 10 and he's been here all her life up until Tuesday night. 

That night two strong men showed up to carry him to the home of blind man who'd been sleeping on a pallet on the floor.  I wish I could take credit for the move.  I just called a lady who I knew who knew people.  It's a Velveteen Couch story that he went to live with someone who couldn't see how his eyes had been loved off over the years.  Hopefully they will love him as much as we did and they will have many years of story telling in his super golden years.

Old Blue

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  1. Might be my favorite post yet! Rest in unseen peace ol blue!