Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Birthdays and the 4th

Had a trip south to LA to celebrate my Mom and my sister's birthday.  I won't give any ages except to say that 50 years ago tomorrow that little Bette was Big Betty's 37 year old Birthday present.
I blew kisses to all because I've got some kind of crud that I'm treating with an antibiotic. Today I'm feeling like I may live. Yesterday that was questionable???
 Little Bette with Momma Betty
                Fort Sumter flag from our Charleston trip in April .
                                                                       Time to celebrate the 4th.

Train whistle and crickets through the open window that Duke Boy wanted to shut so I wouldn't cool the whole back yard.  Gotta listen to that high pitched something in the yard that is louder than the train clacking by. 

Hope everyone is planning a way to stay cool and watermeloned on the 4th.  Watermelon and tomato cut up in the bowl together with salt are delicious.  You don't have to do any of that fancy "Chopped" dressing or cheese. Had it for breakfast last week.

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