Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Mansion has window units

Mr. T and his lovely bride, the divine Ms. M

While I was writing last night Mr. T was holding court with His Heavenly Father.  God didn't sleep as well last night because Mr. T had just one more story and it was just too captivating to miss. On the other hand...Wild Turkeys in Alabama and probably in the southeast are dancing from the first time in awhile to Turkey in the Straw--Turkey in the road, Turkey in the treetop, and every other turkey hiding spot that ever was.  I'm sure  Mr. T got an entire mansion and there is now a window unit a/c in every room. Lots of eye rolling from St. Peter and the 1,000,000,000 movers with no truck. 
  Red and Glover are happy to welcome another Bama fanatic! 
                                           Roll Tide! 
 I'm sure God will be convinced that another National Championship for all Tide fans will be a good thing just so He can get some sleep again.

Joseph, the guy with  Amazing Coat, has posted playbills all over Heaven regarding the upcoming Storytelling Face Off.  Get ready Kathryn Tucker Windham. Mr. T has arrived.

We love you Mr. T. and Ms. M.

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