Monday, July 22, 2013

Grins from the Hooch. Gifts from the Heavens

This article will appear in the Valley Times News this week.

Stolen from their Nana.  Too adorable. 

So what’s made you smile this week?  Yesterday evening I was headed next door to greet my new neighbors with a warm loaf of zucchini bread from Duke Boy, and shazamm---a double rainbow.  I suspect it was due to a dear friend who went to heaven on Friday night.  I’m pretty sure it was his doing.  He was probably put in charge of the rainbow section because that rainbow was just the type of over-the-top extravaganza that he would pull. His memorial service is Sunday and I’m deciding if I need to take my tambourine for the anthem.  It’s going to be a volunteer choir singing of “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder”. Mr. Larry is the reason that I once carried it to church regularly.  His vision and that of several others of the Lanett UMC to have a contemporary worship service started my tambourine career.  I loved sharing a mic with Ms. Margaret, his bride, all the while singing Christian lyrics to old Beatle tunes.  My job was as a do wop girl with a funky beat.  I know I drove the musicians crazy, notice I never claimed to be a musician.  Other than the CD player that’s the only musical instrument I know how to play.  I’m pretty sure that Jesus was happy to see Larry since that meant he could turn “parable telling” over to new guy, he’s also glad that Larry’s there to lead the Bama cheering squad since the Auburn folks were hassling him all last season to help them out. Take some time this week to send up a prayer for his earthly family and friends who miss the ole turkey hunter.
My lips are sealed on what we were laughing about. We are in the room where I debuted my tambourine.

What made you smile?  Did you see the camel on TV for hump day? Very cute.  What about hummingbirds? My yard is all a buzz with them.  How do you not smile at one of them?  Double N at my backdoor every morning helping with blueberry picking makes me grin. I do have him trained almost or maybe he has me trained to let him get down the steps first so I don’t have give Dr. Martin a visit before beginning my work day.  Did I mention fresh blueberries on my cereal? If I could just teach Double N to pick them.  Hmm?  Wait for that one on YouTube. Cutting hydrangeas for my Sunday lunch table reminds me of my Grandmother.  Smile.  Seeing a little girl bring a doll to church today.  Not a video game.  Hurrah. Lunch with the Hedgie folks. Upcoming graduations for both of them—double grins.
                                                    My favorite grads
                                                   One of my favorite grins

Remember you have the opportunity to bring smiles to folks in this community who need some help to make counseling more affordable. Buy a ticket and attend the annual fundraiser for the Pastoral Institute on Tuesday, August 27 at noon at the West Point United Methodist Church.  We might even stand on our feet to get you to laugh—notice I didn’t say heads. It’s not too late to get a table for a group. It’s also never too late to donate if you can’t attend. Guaranteed smile from me.

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