Friday, July 19, 2013

Saying good-bye to Mr. T

Prayers go up tonight for friends watching someone they love --we love--struggle with the end of life as we know it.  Plans are for him to be home one way or the other. Mr. Turkey Lurkey is a storyteller who was telling them last Friday during a visit in hospital room.  He kept us entertained and engaged even as he struggled to breathe using his oxygen.  His sermons during his hay days never ceased to captivate and surprise.  A memory of a fellow football player jumping over a bush and leaving the stadium stays in my mind --I heard it more than  10 years ago.  Mr. T.  did the Hedgies wedding on the hottest October day ever.  It was good to spend that day with them and also enjoy the day at his daughter's wedding where he was her Daddy down the aisle and after a quick change the pastor tying the knot.  You live in our hearts Mr. T and we know the Heavenly Father will enjoy the gift of your presence when you are ready to join him. 

A salute from Duke Boy to Mr. T.  Bow tie on the big day.

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