Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sunny Valentine's Day to All

Happy Valentine's Day.  My sweetheart sneaked an orchid into the house somehow yesterday?  Lovely purpley color.  The greatest part of this gift is that I mentioned on Sunday that I saw the orchid in Kroger--are you getting the greatest part--he heard me and remember it for several days.  So lovely.  A gift of the heart, a connection, ---should have mentioned the cute pink Mercedes that I noticed in downtown West Point this week--hmmm.  I love my orchid. 

He's also cooking us a yummy Valentine's supper today. I purposefully didn't work late tonight--I also mentioned that earlier in the week.  Perhaps Hedgie Girl and Boy will join us?

No rain this morning.  That is my Valentine from God.  Thank you.  The birds are singing up a --started to type storm--stopped myself---sunny day.   There.

My good looks are attributes of these two folks!

Time to make the doughnuts.  Hope all of you have a moment with someone you love today.  Valentine's are gifts from the heart that come in unexpected places. Got a sweet card from my Mama yesterday.  Thanks Mom even though I know you have a computer to read this.

Some of the folks I love are featured above. 

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