Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lenten reflections

No snow here.  Chilly.  There was a flock of lost seagulls that flew up the river a little bit ago--or perhaps birds from a recent snow fall.    White and lovely flying by. 

The couple willing to risk loving each other for life meet with Duke Boy today.  They are coming by the house.  I'm excited to see her...many years have me goosebumps and some tear-filled eyes to think about her beautiful mother and silly, funny, sweet daddy in heaven.  I have no clue how that works?  Folks talk about the saints surrounding us.  I prefer that image over my Daddy knowing every thing I do on a daily basis.  Surely, there is peace and you get protected by God's hand from humanness once you are just with Him?  Another question for my list when I have my own personal conversation.

Twin love
Precious children of friend
Too cute not to share

A question I've encouraged parents of children having problems in school to lead with when they do school pick up is "Where did you see God today?"  So much nicer than "you didn't move to red, did you?"  The first question is a conversation starter--we all know where the other leads...

Prayers for all of you today as you journey through the first Saturday of Lent.
 Reading : The Way--Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus   by Adam Hamilton.  Good book for those going on a Holy Land trip or if you just want to take one from your cozy chair--like me.

Peace from the Valley.

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