Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fear and wonder on your journey

Thanks to all of you who've followed me this year and to all my new readers.  This began as an attempt to connect with all those who don't subscribe to newspapers any longer since that's where my writing was happening.  I'm approaching 5000 hits on my page.  Wow.  Y'all never cease to humble me.

New Greek word--"thambeo".  Greek for "astounded".  According to Adam Hamilton in "The Way". When Jesus spoke he was instilling fear and wonder.  The enhanced meaning of "thambeo".  Look for Jesus with fear and wonder today.  It's outside in the cold--need a big coat---morning.  Just picked some hyacinths for my foyer.  Fear and wonder in my front yard.  Where will yours be today??  Where will you see God?

Great visit with the young lovers yesterday.  Such an exciting time of fear and wonder. 

Gotta run--have the nursery today at church--fear and wonder for sure.  No bumps or bruises on my watch combined with play dough mystery muffins.

Peace and frost from the Hooch.

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