Monday, February 11, 2013

Medicine in laughter

Sing it Gladys, "it was a rainy night in Georgia". Willie is sad because "it's nothing but grey sky coming my way".  I can't help it. Woke up singing--OK--not really but why not?  Etta James hopes everyone was safe during the "stormy weather" last night.  Mitch Miller wants you to  "follow the bouncing ball" and stay with me. Who is old enough to remember that one?  Singing with the TV.  My family did it. 

Duke Boy and I watched Betty White's bawdy celebration of her 91st BD celebration. Many celebs don't live that long.  The ones that came to mind that did  have long lives where comics: Jack Benny at 79 "Modesty is my best quality",  George Burns and Bob Hope were both 100, and Lucille Ball was 78.  Maybe all those studies about laughter are right??  God must have one and I pray that he'll keep it so he won't have to resort to smoting again--Old Testament style. has a Lenten activity involving pictures that sounds like a good one for youth.  Check it out. 

Pray for safety for those experiencing storms today and those who suffered from them yesterday. 

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