Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Salt and Miss Sunny days

Rain is a good thing.  People hang out with their computers and are hungry for stuff to read.  If this rain continues I will make it to 5000 hits by the end of the month.  Bring it on!  Tell your friends.  Let's accomplish something BIG in this short month!!!.  You can do it.  Bob told me so. 

Got to finally spend a little time with my Mom over the weekend while attending the ALAMFT annual conference.  She was glad to see me--cupcakes, hugs, music and a clean bed.  Told her she had the best hotel in the town.

ALAMFT connected me with old friends---OLD-- and previous supervisees who are now family therapists.  So cool--especially to see those I supervised who are now supervisors.  May the circle be ....
The great thing about workshops is the name tags--really cuts down on the awkwardness except when they are pinned under a scarf or stuffed in a pocket.  I was able to remember all the names especially those that were at eye level.

Wonderful dinner with Mumpsey and JimPa--guess what they are about to be?? Yep--we did a baby age guessing thing with all the little ones who were sleeping or waving at us while their folks ate Mexican.  JimPa had a picture on his cell of the sonogram of little Baby Hannah's head--amazing.  Hannah, you are already so loved. Mumpsey is the former Miss Sunny from the Gulf Shores Seafood Festival if you are a follower of mine.  Little Hannah will get to dip her toes in the Gulf soon.  She is probably a future "Miss Sunny". Good genes for it. 

Lenten lesson today on "salt".  We are called to be salt.  Bring out the flavor or the best in those around us.  Look for a place to sprinkle that goodness today.  Savor the moment with those who share their day with you.  You might even lower a blood pressure or two.

Laura, my niece in NYC. Love this pix.
Peace and safety for the day.

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