Monday, February 11, 2013

Scripture from on high

Lovely evening beside my fake fireplace.  Rainy outside.  Little BW is pouty and not even attemptng to beg any apple and cheese from me.  She hates any weather except sunshine. She shall never be asked to be a body double for the Groundhog.  She will maintain her spot under the ottoman or in front of the fake fireplace that blows out heat. 

Had a novel experience in worship today.  Duke Boy read scripture from atop a ladder.  I was trembling most of the time since I still haven't paid all the medical bills from my pneumonia.  One of the youth upon hearing the scripture for Sunday asked Duke Boy for a new look at that scripture.  It was about Jesus on the mountain with his disciples trying to stay awake.  We were all awake today. Gotta love that man and the God he serves. I have a picture of this that  Hedgie Girl sent to me to me--it's on my phone--we all know how challenged I am by technology. Wait for it!  ( I was afraid to snap a picture with my phone--"Jack fell down and broke..."

My sweet flowers have brought a lovely scent into my home.  Thank you, God. 
Today's gratitudes : 1) Husband UP for the challenges of ministry to youth and beyond
2) sweet scent of flowers in my home 3) little BW curled at my feet in front of our fake fire.

Hope you will find a spot to walk thru Lent.  The ending is definitely UP.

Peace from the Valley.

Almost forgot --got a great pre-Valentine gift from sweet Hedgie Boy.  Hoda Kotb's new book about people overcoming adversity.  Great snuggle under the cover for my Sunday nap read.  Thanks HB.
Duke Boy and BW

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