Monday, February 18, 2013

Footprints on the cross, rainboots in the yard

Crispy outside again this morning.  More rain coming our way.  Whew.  I need me a pair of those cute rain boots.  They'd get a work out around here.

Little BW is restless and wants me to get my yogurt and cereal.  She wants to lick out the leftovers in that little carton.  Just a minute or two more...

The young lovers are planning a Charleston wedding.  I'm excited for them.    I'm also excited to return to Charleston.  I've only been there for an afternoon in 1996 or so.   Work trip where we stopped for a brief break from the car. 

Put my name on a footprint for the cross yesterday at Shawmut UMC.  Saturday night I'd been the cutter outer for all those footprints.  It was neat to watch people leave the altar and make their mark on their footprint .  I literally had a hand in that--fear and wonder--thambeo.  Check out yesterday's blog if your curious and it all seems Greek to you.

Peace from the Valley.

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