Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Turkey Hunter shares his day with God

I'm sleeping like a baby these days...up in the night again.  Went to bed at 7:30 for a nap--up at midnight and still up. 

Fabulous joyful, sad, lovely day with Ms. M and the ole Turkey Hunter's ashes.  A crowd of folks gathered at Jackson Gap or thereabouts to plant a tree, sing, eat, swap stories, and hear Duke Boy commit some of Mr. Larry's ashes to the ground with a white oak.  Larry legend has it that turkey's like to eat the acorns of the white oak.  And legend according to Buster, whose land we were on also has it that the ole Turkey Hunter shot his last turkey from a small thicket to the left of where we planted his tree. 

Larry aka ole Turkey Hunter was having a time with God telling him who all those ( God's creations :) ) were---God loves his leadership skills--God DID NOT--interrupt him.

" Grady my littlest grandson, is the one throwing the rocks"

--sometimes two at a time at the bumper of all the trucks that carried all these folks to this tree planting

---some inquired if we were still in Alabama--it was quite a ride. I almost rode on the back of pickup--so glad I didn't since I'm Methodist and we don't re-baptize. There were some ruts---we call those swimming holes when they aren't in the road. 

Back to Larry telling the Lord about His creations:

"Lucy, the arm baby, actually the one who is trying desperately to get out of all the arms that want to hold her, is the one with the huge eyes.  Those eyes could swallow you.  There are nearly as big as some of those rebaptism holes.  Her Momma, is Joy, the one with the cute boots that little Lucy is trying to unzip the zippers on while her Momma is trying to listen to the words that Duke Boy is saying about me." 

"Joy is also Momma to Joe--he is the one with the blonde hair who is running back and forth between his Momma and his Daddy.   His Daddy, Chris is the one now holding two girls, Angel and Lucy.  Angel is the newest addition to our family.  She is hugging Lucy and telling her she doesn't have to cry."

"Adelyn is the pretty brown- haired one in the fur- topped boots.  She's a sister to Grady.  Their Daddy's my boy, Adam.  He's the one with the tears in his eyes.  Hope he can feel my arm around his shoulders. "

"Just look at that Margaret.  She is prettier than the day we married.  She never ceases to amaze me at her ability to carry on.  I like it that they put me in the pitcher.  Kinda classes me up don't you think?"

"Motorcycle friends--who saved my life--turkey hunting buddies--thanks Buster---for shoveling out that hole---you could have left my chair in front of the stove--people would have had to have walked around it--it would have improved your story--Wednesday night supper friends, neighbors, story hearers, babysitters of my kids, story swappers, Bama fans, fans of the other team, family.  What a  day.  Look at this blue sky and feel that sunshine...thanks for taking the wind down, God.  Made them stay a little longer and visit."

"Duke Boy did a good job.  I taught him some good story telling skills.  He was my Associate at Lanett.  He's about to be Paw to those twin boys.  He'll be a good one.  More Bama and Duke fans ."

"Let's get all these folks home safe.  You know they came from Georgia and all over Alabama. I had quite a life down there.  Thanks for all that, God.  I'm gonna go check with The Bear and see if they ever planted a tree for him anywhere? "

Thanks for a lovely day with the ole Turkey Hunter's friends and family.  I regret not taking my tambourine.  Ms. M and I could have sang a duet and I could have gotten her to dance a little--she can't sing and dance at the same time though--a little sad but true.  Work on that.  Glad to have met all the blog readers from Huntsville. Keep those hugs going to Ms. M and her fam.  Peace.

 The ole Turkey Hunter is happy to know that this blog got 243 views when I wrote about his funeral. Highest ever read.   Knock it out of the park this time.  Sorry couldn't resist a sports analogy.

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  1. make me smile through the tears. I don't have to tell you how much he would love the things that you have written. Maybe as much as I have.