Friday, February 21, 2014

300 reasons to head to the Hooch

Post # 300.  Wahoo and Wise have me up in the night again.  Actually I think it's the lighting and thunder that did the trick. When the light come through the eye mask you know something is happening.  I am not plugged into the power as I type.  My hair already stands straight up without any additional prompting other than a little gel needed.

My plan last night when I laid my head on the pillow was to convince Duke Boy to go to Callaway Gardens with me today.  Hmmm???  It's not March Madness yet--for those non basketball types out there --it's when the need to watch Duke basketball replaces oxygen in your life.  He was sitting with Dex last night when I was laying my head on the pillow.  It felt like summer out there when I went to kiss him goodnight.  Should have know then that storms were on the way

If I was Ellen I'd announce my 12 days of give aways for writing my 300th post.  Ok so we know I'm not Ellen.  She does some pretty amazing give aways.  A school in Oklahoma got a bookmobile yesterday. The teacher was just precious who won it for them.  Made me weep.  So much good in the world.  Gotta keep your head up instead of down to see it.  Just decided what to give you...wait for it...

                          UP     Day   filled with  Laughter!   Here's some fun to get you started.

a head

                                                          Who knew Target could be such fun??
                                                  2 out of 4 smiles--the others are holding out for cocoa
                                                   all the craze in Samson to adorn yourself this way
                                                 all gussied up for fun
                                        lots to be Thankful for with these cuties
                                         Great to be home--you were missed!!!
                                                        Girls are lined up for these two so she's got a hold for now
                                                           Fans of purple for 175 years total
                                                    chilling with Cheetah girl
                                           they have since added a brother/cousin to this gang of smiles
                                                                Last summer--it will come again
                                             Twins having fun 
                                         Had to walk to this high point in our year for this pix in
                                                 Charleston--worth it
                                                      Ms. M my favorite 80+ Kid
                                                                        Beach time with Mom and the beautiful Nancy
                                                       Splendor in the Grass
                                                        Go Duke

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