Monday, February 3, 2014

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wahoo and Wise

My cold is finally giving in to all the banana popsicles. Actually I only ate two--might have been the homemade chicken and rice soup.  All I know is since last Wednesday it's been rough.  I missed church yesterday because I felt so crummy.

Missed Duke Boy's announcement of my becoming a Double Sughar---twins--coming to the arms of the EBs sooon.  Boys--I don't know nothin about boys.  Of course, I've lived with Duke Boy for 32 years.  Does that count?  I also kissed a lot of frogs and some other close to being princes along the way before Duke Boy and I said, "I do".

You've gotten by now that these will be my grands--actually living with the Hedgies.  Makes my heart nearly bust to see them so happy.  Praying for our birth mom and her family.  It takes great love to provide new opportunities for your children. 

Jeremiah 29:11  I know the plans I have for you... to give you a future and a hope.

 This scripture keeps playing in my head this morning.  It was in a card box of mine earlier this morning.  Duke Boy and I read this scripture in our wedding. Our family is there again.

Wonderful, Wonderful.  I've suggested those words as middle names for the boys.  It was all I could say after they told us about their conversation with the birth mom. 

We are all praying for wisdom and guidance .  I could be holding babies by leap day.  Wahoo and Wise.  those are my names for them in my journal. 

I did get to take a great nap with Dex yesterday.
   Gizillions of birds flocking in the trees, breezy.  So nice.

Sycamore Row--by John Grisham.  Just finished.  He's such a great storyteller. 

Oh, in other news ...submitted an article to the Erma Bombeck's writers contest.  Really wanted go to the workshop in April but of course it's sold out--unless you win a place through the contest.....

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