Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sunset with Dex

Spent a lot of time with Dex today.  Sun is making such a glare on the screen as it sets across the river that I can barely see to type.  Probably a message in that.  Computers and Dex don't go together. 

Picked daffodils today and they're on my table where I plan to eat supper in a few with Mommy Ann.

  It's so warm that the ceiling fans are swiftly turning overhead.  Love it.  The Hooch is heading to Columbus.  It's lost its muddy hew of last week.  Birds are everywhere--flying, digging, singing, dunking--so cute in my big iron pot--reminds me of those dunking birds that we had as kids that would dip their beaks in a glass of water--over and over again.  I loved mine.  Easily entertained before computers. 

Double N is relaxing in a chair trying to appear inattentive to all the bird goings-on. He hasn't brought me a present in awhile--I'm not sad.  

Fast visit with the Hedgies.  Wonderful, wonderful soon soon.  Hedgie Girl just told me about Control Z so I'd quit crying about my lost blog. Good to know.  Never had a computer class so some things still aren't in my repertoire. 

Ahhh--sunset on the Hooch.  Wish you were here.  Lovely night.

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