Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Flowerbeds and Turkey Hunters--Heavenly

Little BW trying to climb into the heat vent this morning.  Looks like February outside--ok so it's the 11th and it should.  Rush, rush,--springtime--spoiled by a brief Sunday porch lunch.  Ok..we had on sweaters and quickly moved to the sunny side of the porch after lunch.  It was deceptively beautiful outside.

Waiting for spring is like waiting for anything that we will hope will bring us joy to happen.  We are waiting.  I moved pots off my flowerbeds so the tulips could pop up.  It's happening.  They can't resist trying to find the sun this time of year.  I get it.

One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.
                                                     Helen Keller

Looking forward to being with this sweet family on Saturday as we plant a tree for this ole Turkey Hunter .  He is working on a story for God about his best hunt.
 Hope Ms. M will bring some more feathers.
 Mine went to the other Ms. M's grands.
  I need two... for my future grands. 

Peace for the day from the Hooch.


  1. You make my heart soar and my eyes flood. There will be turkey feathers in the Explorer with your name on them. It's a good thing that God will know that he is lying about the size of the turkey, heh?

  2. Love this, Karen. Looking forward to seeing you Saturday.