Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Couch blogging isn't an olympic sport

Blogging on the couch isn't as cool as blogging on Dex--literally ---rain.
          The polar vortex circling overhead.

 Lost power last night for a couple of hours--according to clocks that had to be reset.  It was time to go to bed anyhow.  My cell phone is a flashlight--- remembered this after feeling my way to the kitchen, digging under the cabinet, and searching for the button on the light. ...shazamm--now go get the cell phone and take it to bed too.   Even the street lights were out--like country living. 

Ready to rock those grands.  Not long now.  Wahoo & Wise will be West and Wolfe.  Sweet.  Pray for the journey to complete soon.  As soon as it's safe. 

Chilly peaceful day on the couch.

Have a new friend?? Tree frog in the basement.  He's crying.  Wish I could locate him so he could return to the Chatta-nilderness
. Perhaps he'll find his way back out after the PV--polar vortex moves on. 

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