Friday, February 28, 2014

Not a size ten but read in 9 countries

"Healing is more than cure.
A cure solves a medical problem.
Healing means coming to peace with the way things are."
                  Christopher Maricle
                  The Jesus Priorities   8 Essential Habits

I haven't read the above book but I plan to.  I'm often charmed by book titles with numbers and words like "essential".  I'm hoping the rest of the book is as good as this quote.

 Seems that most of my life is about trying to come to peace with the way things are.
 Not a millionaire by 60-peace,
 not a size 10-peace,
 not living in France-peace, not visiting there yet--not peaceful,
not internationally known for my writing...I must not be at peace about that either since I'm in the Erma Bombeck contest.

Ok, more peaceful --just reviewed the stats--readers from 9 countries on this blog this week.
  40 in the Ukraine--go Ukraine!

Hope today you are coming to peace with the way things are.  Thanks Mr. Maricle for the insight.  I look forward to following up on your 8 ideas.  First I gotta buy the book. 

Peace for the day from the Hooch.

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