Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Counting the wonders

Up alone in the quiet with only the coffee pot and the air conditioner ... house noises.
 Hearing that little noise in my head that I hope is supposed to be there.
 If you don't have one turn off the TV and listen for it
             .... or don't tell anyone about mine.

21 days until the fundraiser.  Tickets sales are moving.  If you still need one then you better call me quick. 

Spent the evening with those little amazing Hedgies last night.  Hedgie 1 is learning to drive.  He's really good with the horn and gear shift.  I was Miss Daisy.  He got a little bummed because it was too big for his mouth.  My favorite part of the visit was the light up eyes and smiles that don't require batteries. Pretty cool. 

Garden news: one big sunflower... I think called Chiati.. is blooming by my front porch. Lovely and happy when I go in and out.  It has siblings that will bloom soon.  Same stalk.  Another cool naturally occurring wonder--no batteries. 
 We are 5 months old.
No batteries  but oh, the light  

Another activity this week.  Look for the wonders with no batteries, gas, electricity...many, many.

1)My fingers moving as I type
2) Colors in the room
3) the taste of good coffee--cheating, I know--I did have to use the electricity on that one
4) texture of the rug on my bare feet
5) my handwriting on the paper next to me--readable--I can recognize it--just recognizing our own is pretty awesome--I love seeing my Dad's .  don't see it as it happens anymore. 

I did not have to leave my seat to get five...how many did you get?

Peace from the Hooch for your day.

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