Friday, August 29, 2014

Roll Tide and other new words

                                                              Roll Tide , here kitty kitty

It's starting this return to the single life of marriage to a fall football fan..  Duke Boy loves Bama football.  Fanatically----to put it mildly.  He also hates the "kitty kitty" put it very mildly. I did watch the last quarter of "The Game" last winter.  That's all I'll say about that other than sad, sad. 

Since we have new family members I'm not sure how football season will go.  It'll be interesting to watch.  I'm guess some first words might have a "Roll Tide" or two in them.  Duke Boy aka Paw will love that.

It'll be fun to be Double Sughar on Saturdays, hint, hint.

Hope all your teams win the weekend and Roll Tide.

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