Sunday, August 24, 2014

Good-bye Bubba

Duke Boy and I made cakes --12 of them done before noon.  One will go to a meal for a family who will bury a beloved man.  I will miss Bubba.  He sat behind me in church almost every Sunday for the last 7 years.  He never failed to smile and tell me how much he enjoyed my singing, or how much he enjoyed worshiping with me, or how nice I looked.  He came to worship and offer kindness.  Cancer moved in quickly.  The Lord will be glad to have another kind soul. Oh, he will also have a piece of hard candy for those who might have a cough in Heaven. Peace at last.

Received some lovely door prizes today from Southern Roots in Newnan, GA. They will be part of the fun on Tuesday during the fundraiser.  All the tables are sold and I only have a couple of seats left.  If you are coming bring some money to donate and to put on some special prizes that you could win by making an extra donation. 

Perhaps sleep will be less restless tonight. 2 more days...
                                           Join us on the Journey

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